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If eyes are the windows to the soul, our hands are an extension of our personality. They’re used to express, to reach, to touch. So the way your hands look matter!

When you decide on these five favorite types of manicures, find one that matches your personality. But not only that, what kind of manicure are you willing to maintain. You might want the longest fingernails possible, but your lifestyle might be better for a short and sassy look.

The Five Most Popular Manicures in History

Here’s a quick list of popular manicures. Ask your local salon for specifics about their manicure techniques.

Clean, no polish. Let’s start with the obvious, shall we? Bare, naked fingernails can look fabulous! They just need to be clean and shaped well though. Sound a little drab? Rub some olive or almond oil on them for extra sheen.

Shellac. This is a combination of gel and polish that’s cured and hardened via UV light. Not as hard as gel, it’s removed with acetone. This does little damage to the nail except for some peeling and breakage. Taking the time to remove them properly ensures safer use.

Gel. You may also hear this type of manicure called “hard gel.” It can be applied over fake or natural nails. The difference between a hard gel and a Shellac? You can build, sculpt and shape the nail with hard gel. One drawback? You do have to go to a salon to have them professionally removed.

Basic polish. If you have a busy lifestyle but need a little pop of glamour, two layers of polish go a long way (one layer of polish will chip easily; two layers lasts longer). Choose colors that not only suit your wardrobe but your personality.

Acrylic. This is the tough guy of nail extensions, employing the use of powder and liquid to create a hard-as-nails protective layer over your natural nail or false tips. If removed correctly, they do little damage.

So where to begin? At your local nail salon! Take a visit and talk with a nail technician. Most are happy to discuss possibilities with you. Remember: you can try out a manicure and see how it works for you and your lifestyle. Most types of manicures are low-risk, fun options.

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