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Discover the best nail salons in Montreal, QC, Canada, with Montreal Manicure directory. Find manicure salons near you, explore nails near Notre-Dame Basilica and Biodome de Montreal. Whether you're seeking a nail salon near me or things to do in Montreal, discover activities and more with Montreal Manicure.



Explore the latest manicure listings near Montreal for top-tier nail care experiences, blending classic styles and trendy art to elevate your self-care routine.



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Explore the latest manicure styles, trends, and informative content to elevate your nail game with our captivating blog posts.

Groovy French Manicure For 2024

The French manicure has seen something of a revival recently. We’ve seen muted versions, burgundy tips, and now chrome as its signature finish. Nail artists have been exploring various techniques to add neon accents to clients’ nails. One popular option is a bright green version that’s easy to master; another style uses subtler neon shades. …

Summer Manicure Pedicure Colors From Essie

No matter if it’s rooftop lounge drinks or beach relaxation, these summer nail color shades will help make an impactful statement. “This season will feature vibrant hues that capture the energy, romanticism, and romantic allure of summer,” states nail expert Julie Kandalec. Unspike your mood with an energetic blue such as bikini so teeny or …

What Nail Salon Shape Should I Ask For?

Picking the ideal shape can make or break a manicure. That is why it is crucial that you consult your manicurist about which shape would suit both your personality and finger length best. Round nails follow the natural curves of your fingers, looking great with any color palette. Square oval — also called squoval — …

Nail Salons in Montreal

Nail services are a popular beauty treatment. Montreal boasts many nail salons that specialize in this treatment, with some offering nail art and extensions, others manicures and pedicures; choosing your ideal provider depends on both personal preference and budget constraints. Gel nails are constructed of soft gel material and can be applied over natural nails …

Silk Wrap Manicure

Silk wraps offer natural-looking nail enhancement. Not only can they provide strength and durability, but they can also promote nail health. At first, it may seem daunting, but it is essential that you seek out an experienced and renowned nail technician. A qualified technician can assess your natural nails before conducting a detailed consultation process …

What Nail Shape is Best For Your Nails?

Nail shape can make a dramatic statement about who you are – from natural looks to dramatic manicures – so choosing one with care can make all the difference in appearance and elongate fingers and nails to create an elongated appearance. Round and oval nail shapes work great for all finger lengths, while tapered shapes …

CND Vinylux Manicure

Nail polish choices can be quite overwhelming: gels, polishes and press-on nails all present possibilities that should be considered when selecting the ideal shade for you based on occasion, lifestyle and budget considerations. CND VINYLUX is a breathable formula that allows moisture, oxygen and conditioning agents such as SolarOil to enter and exit the coating …

3D Nail Art Takes Manicures to the Next Level

3D nail art takes your manicure to the next level with designs that pop off the nail plate. Beloved among nail competition competitors, this technique offers endless design opportunities. These fancy nail embellishments include gems, rhinestones, petals, flowers, bows and hearts to glamorize your nails for special events. It’s an exciting trend! How to get …

Brazilian Manicure Is All Rage on TikTok

Brazil has made nail beauty an industry. Nail salons are abundant, and technicians possess great expertise. One of the most acclaimed manicure styles in Brazil is known as Brazilian technique. This messy, paint-splatter-y style of nail painting involves covering both nails and surrounding skin to achieve full coverage and longer-term polish. This trend has recently …

What Is A Paraffin Manicure?

Paraffin manicures are an increasingly popular beauty treatment that soften skin and soothe sore hands, while simultaneously improving overall nail health. Brittle nails may benefit greatly from having their nails paraffin-manicured as this treatment nourishes them from within. Nail salons and spas typically offer this treatment by melting paraffin wax in a special basin, adding …

Russian Manicure Vs Basic Manicure

Russian manicures go one step further in terms of nail health than traditional manis by including precise cuticle work. Your nail technician will use an electric file to gently clean your cuticles rather than simply cutting and pushing back as with traditional manis. Kandalec emphasizes the importance of cuticle health to nail health as they …

Spa Manicure and Pedicure

Regular pedicures at a nail bar to maintain healthy feet is a great way to stay on top of things and Spa Pedicures take this experience one step further with luxurious foot care treatments and pampering treatments. An average Spa manicure and pedicure begins by soaking feet in products to soften them, followed by massage …