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Discover the best nail salons in Montreal, QC, Canada, with Montreal Manicure directory. Find manicure salons near you, explore nails near Notre-Dame Basilica and Biodome de Montreal. Whether you're seeking a nail salon near me or things to do in Montreal, discover activities and more with Montreal Manicure.



Explore the latest manicure listings near Montreal for top-tier nail care experiences, blending classic styles and trendy art to elevate your self-care routine.



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Explore the latest manicure styles, trends, and informative content to elevate your nail game with our captivating blog posts.

How to Do Your Nails for Your Wedding

Experts advise starting weekly manicures months in advance to guarantee picture-perfect nails on the big day. To guarantee flawless nails on your special day, it’s wise to plan in advance for this essential part of wedding preparations. Hanna advises nail biters and pickers to break their habits in order to ensure healthy nails. Also remember …

What Kind of Manicure Lasts the Longest?

Reliable manicures are essential for those who like their hands polished. So we enlisted the expertise of nail techs and beauty writers on what type of manicures will last the longest. Gel polish manicures have become increasingly popular both in salons and homes alike, promising chip-free nails for weeks on end. Easy removal using just …

Nail Polish 2024 Colors What’s Hot

Nail polish colors are an expressive way of showing off your individuality and style, from classic reds to eye-catching neon shades. Explore some of 2024’s trendiest hues to elevate your manicure! From soft pastel hues to innovative jelly nail color trends, these summer nail color trends will keep your looks fashionable throughout the season. Neons …

The Russian Manicure – The Nail Trend That’s Here to Stay

Russian manicure services have taken off recently, becoming one of the top searches on Google and TikTok videos featuring immaculate nails so perfect they appear photoshopped – this trend seems here to stay! Erica’s ATA provides professional-grade tools designed to facilitate this precise work and foster customer satisfaction while strengthening loyalty. Precision of Technique While …

What is the Latest Trend in Manicures?

Experts have identified several nail trends they believe will be popular this year, from innovative approaches to classic French manicures to negative space nails that emulate art installations. Minimalist nail looks are still very fashionable. Jason Wu’s Spring 24 show featured minimalist manicures with black dots and lines on clear polish that were barely there, …

Spa Manicure and Pedicure

Spa manicures provide both relaxation and health benefits for feet. A spa manicure often includes exfoliation of feet and nails, massage, and moisturizing treatments to luxuriate and pamper. Cosmetic nail treatments involve providing hands and nails with cosmetic nail services, which include cutting, shaping, cuticle care, filing, polishing and hand massage using high-quality professional products …

Textured Ombre Nails Are in Style in 2024

No matter your style or taste, ombre nail art offers endless opportunities to stand out. Glitter ombre nails offer a brilliant and colorful finish, and can utilize different tones and glitter sizes to create a striking design. Textured Ombre Ombre nails offer limitless possibilities. From subtle to bold and eye-catching, this trend won’t fade any …

Gel Nails Vs Acrilic Nails Which Is Better?

If long-lasting manicures are on your beauty wishlist, you might have considered both gel and acrylic nails for their long-lasting qualities and natural appearances. Both options provide strong yet natural looking nails – but which is better? Acrylic nails provide a hard protective shell over natural nails while gel are more flexible; both require regular …

How Long Will Your Manicure Last?

Follow these simple steps for longer-lasting manicures – whether they use regular nail polish or gel. Start with adding a base coat, moisturizing nails and cuticles regularly, and using high-quality top coats – these all ensure the look you’re after is achieved. Your manicure will also last longer if you refrain from using your hands …

Glitter Bomb Manicure Using Multi Color Polish

Enhance your look with a glitter bomb manicure using multi color polish. Perfect for New Years Eve parties and other nights out, simply apply the polish onto your nails using magnet wand and wave it around for mesmerising designs before curing for 30 seconds under LED lights. Gold Glitter Polish Gold glitter polish makes the …

What Type of Manicure is Best?

There is a vast array of nail polish styles and designs to choose from when choosing the ideal manicure for yourself, taking into account factors like nail health and personal taste. Press-on nails have come a long way over time and are now available in an assortment of styles and lengths. Press-on nail extensions are …

Nail Trend 2024

Green hues have taken over manicure trends this season, from springy lime and pistachio to winter sage – and according to nail pros this trend fits every person’s style! Professional nail technicians predict that ultra minimalist nails will remain increasingly fashionable. To add some flare to the minimal aesthetic, consider trying eye-catching finishes like jelly …