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5 Different Types of Manicures

5 Different Types of Manicures, Montreal Manicure

Nails can make a statement and the right manicure can enhance both your appearance and mood, but with so many styles and options to choose from it can be daunting to start.

No worries here – we’ve got it covered. With input from salon owners, nail technicians, and one beauty writer who’s tried them all – this guide covers five distinct types of manicures for you to explore.

French Manicure

The French manicure is an iconic style that never goes out of fashion. This timeless and sophisticated look features white nail polish on the tips with pinkish-nude on its base; perfect for both casual and formal attire alike! Additionally, this manicure works well for lengthening nails of various shapes and lengths like stiletto and coffin styles.

Who What Wear reports that Jeff Pink, an American beauty entrepreneur, first introduced the French manicure in 1975 and saw its initial popularity during Paris Fashion Week when models donned it on the catwalk. Soon thereafter, style icons like Barbra Streisand and Cher helped spread its popularity through Hollywood; soon thereafter it had become part of every woman’s beauty arsenal and even graced Paris Hilton and other style icon’s fingernails!

Make the French manicure your own by experimenting with various colors and creating unique designs on the tips of your nails. For instance, try out a reverse French manicure which doesn’t involve white polish at all but simply uses your favorite hue on each nail tip instead. Or use geometric shapes and patterns for an absolutely original design!

Add an eye-catching edge to your French manicure by giving it an eye-catching twist with glitter nail polish on the tips or try an ombre effect for maximum impact.

Be creative and explore a modern take on the classic French manicure by opting for clear tips instead of white ones – this approach works beautifully with different nail colors and can even be created on stiletto nails!

American Manicure

The American Manicure is an updated take on the classic French manicure that’s quickly gaining traction among fashionistas. Instead of painting your nail tips a crisp white hue, this look features more subdued hues closer to the natural base color on your nails – creating an ultra chic and flattering effect that works for dressy events as well as casual outings alike.

Remark suggests applying cuticle oil twice daily, making this look even easier to wear. “With this type of manicure you won’t see the stark white lines you see with traditional French manicure,” notes Francis, noting how it will become much more natural when your nails begin to grow out if this recommendation is followed.

American manicures are both flattering and versatile styles, while being straightforward to achieve. According to Remark, “with just a bit of practice you can do this on your own at home”. She suggests starting off by painting each nail with clear or light pink nail polish before drawing a line where you want the tip color applied before adding another hue before finally sealing it all with clear top coat for a professional-looking finish.

American manicures may be growing increasingly popular, but they still don’t enjoy as wide of an adoption rate as French ones do – which means finding someone offering this look may require extra searching – though you will certainly reap its rewards in terms of an elegant yet natural-looking finish!

Next time you visit a nail salon, inquire about their American Manicure options – and if none exist near you, do a Google search; you might be amazed to see just how many salons near you offer this look! Additionally, be sure to make a regular habit out of applying cuticle oil twice daily, for gorgeous nails all year long.

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