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9 Different Types of Manicures and Pedicures

9 Different Types of Manicures and Pedicures, Montreal Manicure

9 Different Types of Manicures and Pedicures, Montreal Manicure

An appointment at the salon for manicure or pedicure can be a relaxing mini-massage that relieves stress at an affordable price. Not to mention how having well-groomed nails boosts confidence and self-esteem!

Although both manicures and pedicures involve trimming, shaping and painting nails, there are distinct variations. Manicures tend to focus more on fingernails while tending to the cuticles more than pedicures do.


Basic manicures typically include having your nails professionally trimmed and shaped by a nail technician before being polished with polish and receiving a light hand massage from them. Additional services, like paraffin wax treatments to enhance circulation in your hands and fingers or nail art services can add an extra special touch.

A gel or Shellac manicure involves soft gel polish that’s cured under UV light for two to four weeks of wearability.

Dip powder manicures offer longer-lasting color without chipping and peeling like traditional polish does, making them particularly ideal for women who spend time immersed in water such as nurses or chefs. Plus, this form of manicure lets you try out new colors or nail design trends without making a major commitment!


Fingernails are composed of the same hard material found in hair: keratin. Additionally, they contain protein that makes them strong and durable.

Regular manicures involve soaking your nails in warm soapy water to soften and rid them of dead skin cells, followed by trimming, filing and buffing by the nail technician before they apply a base coat, main color and top coat of polish – possibly with hand massage afterwards!

Gel manicures, which last up to two weeks, use UV light technology to set their polish. Your manicurist applies base, color and top coat layers before setting the entire manicure with UV light curing lamps.

Nail art can be an exciting way to show your individuality through your nails. When searching for a salon that specializes in this style, read reviews about their work and cleanliness standards – ensure they can keep their work stations in an immaculate state so the nail polish won’t bleed and stain your nails!


A basic or standard manicure is one of the most widely utilized nail services, consisting of trimming, shaping, filing and buffing the nails before addressing cuticles and providing hand massage before applying your choice of polish.

There are various options when it comes to nail polishes, but most manicures use clear or sheer colors with white tips for an elegant effect. This type of manicure can also be done using gel nail polish which lasts longer and chips less frequently than traditional polish.

Polygel is an innovative new type of nail product that combines the benefits of both hard and gel products, according to MySpaGuide website. A polygel manicure lasts even longer than regular nails and can be applied easily onto natural or artificial nails without professional removal. Furthermore, many consider polygel to be healthier for nails than acrylics since it doesn’t contain harmful benzophenone-1 or benzophenone-3 chemicals like many other gel products do.


Manicures and pedicures are an enjoyable way to pamper yourself, but with so many types to choose from it may be difficult. We spoke with salon owners, nail techs and one beauty writer who had experience in all nine popular types in order to uncover their pros and cons.

A gel manicure uses special polish that won’t chip, extending its wear for up to two weeks. As with regular manicures, a gel manicure involves nail clipping and filing followed by moisturizing and painting base coat, main coat and top coat; all before being cured under UV lighting to set its beauty.

Shellac polish is similar to gel in that it dries quickly and lasts longer, yet is much softer than regular polish (soaks off with acetone) when applied by professionals correctly and doesn’t damage nails (though improper removal could weaken them).

9 Different Types of Manicures and Pedicures, Montreal Manicure
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