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A Guide to Nail Art Design Styles

A Guide to Nail Art Design Styles, Montreal Manicure

A Guide to Nail Art Design Styles, Montreal Manicure

Nail art is an enjoyable way to show your personality through self-expression, from subtle ombre designs to complex patterns. Our guide of nail art design styles will help you select one that best matches your aesthetic and personality.

Red and white is an iconic combination, perfectly complementing stripes, dots, chevrons or half-tipped nails. Add visual interest by varying the thickness of your arcs for even more visual impact.

Black and white

Black and white is an iconic color combination, and its versatility enables users to craft endless creative looks using this timeless hue combination. From tartan plaid patterns to striking geometrics, there are limitless ways of using this timeless hue scheme to express themselves creatively.

Apply black diagonal or vertical lines using a striper brush for an eye-catching graphic effect on each nail, similar to how traditional French manicures look. This style also works well as an interesting take on French manicure, creating a modern twist. Another contemporary look features three nails featuring yin yang designs paired with traditional French tips on their thumb and pinky.

Red and white

Red and white nail art is an iconic combination, perfect for Valentine’s Day or any special occasion. Go for subtle with latticed laces for an elegant touch or go for bold with bright red nails with gold accents for a glamorous finish!

Show your patriotism by sporting red, white and blue nails that represent the flags of strong countries or team colors – or go for more whimsical options like red butterflies on white or nude bases to represent freedom!

Dark red is an adaptable color that can fit seamlessly into a variety of styles and occasions. Try pairing deep burgundy hues for an eye-catching manicure, or opt for more subdued shades by employing an ombre technique for an understated approach.

White and nude

If you’re feeling intimidated by colorful nail art designs, try something simpler such as white and nude designs. This look looks sophisticated yet chic while being easy to create at home – this look features both nude and rose gold shades for a shimmery effect that is both fun and elegant!

Engage your feminine side with this heart-shaped nude manicure, perfect for date night or formal events. Or take an alternative approach by painting only a few contrasting hearts on each nail instead of covering every surface area with them.

Olive and nude

Olive green nail polish offers a stylish and distinctive alternative to block colors, pairing beautifully with neutral hues like nude for an elegant look.

Add some color and flair to your nails with an effortless swirl design, easily recreated and instantly upgrading your look. Try different sizes of swirls for more variety in size and hues that really pop for added drama.

If you want something a bit more intricate, try dotting your olive and nude nails with polka dots for an eye-catching touch that works for any occasion. This timeless trend makes an impression.


Classic polka dot nail art designs are timeless and look fantastic with any number of different hues. Or go for more sophisticated options such as jumbo dot designs.

This charming pink polka dot nail art will complement any girly girl look perfectly. Pair this nail art with floral dresses for the ultimate girly date night experience.

Use black nail polish to cover your nails, then create polka-dot patterns along a slanted line by dabbing nail art sticks or toothpicks into black nail polish to produce dots.


Chevron nail art can add some spice and excitement to your nail designs, providing some much-needed visual interest and aesthetic pleasure. Use patterned nail strips or simply freehand the design yourself for added style or add any additional designs or bling for a unique finish!

White chevron nail art designs are timeless and classy. Add some rhinestones for an additional elegant touch.

For a bolder take on chevron designs, choose pastel hues such as blue or pink – you could even mix in glitter polish for added visual impact!


Leaves motifs over alternate matte and shiny porcelain shades are the ideal way to incorporate this trend without going overboard. They create an understated and professional appearance suitable for work and social settings alike.

Bring back memories of art class with this nail design featuring paint splodges reminiscent of an artist palette! A colorful way to wear color on your nails, the wavy edges ensure this pattern does not look messy or like an accidental paint spill!

Continuous line art requires a steady hand and expert nail technician skills; however, nail wraps or decals may provide an alternative if you feel uncertain freehanding this look.

A Guide to Nail Art Design Styles, Montreal Manicure
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