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Acrylic Nails Benefits

Acrylic Nails Benefits, Montreal Manicure

Acrylic nails are well-known for their strength and durability, making them an excellent option for those with weak or brittle natural nails. Furthermore, acrylic provides a sturdy base upon which nail art and designs can be created.

However, if they’re applied improperly or managed during wear they could potentially damage your nails – this is especially the case if you bite your nails!


One of the primary benefits of acrylic nails is their ability to help you develop longer and stronger nails. Created using liquid monomer and powder polymer bonding components bonded onto natural nails for thickness, length and durability – one major perk of acrylics!

Correctly applied nails can last years when done right; however, regular maintenance in the form of fills may be required to protect them and ensure dust cannot get in and cause an infection or promote fungus growth.

To avoid acrylic damage, it’s essential that you choose a reliable nail technician with top equipment and schedule routine fills at least every two to three weeks – or as recommended by your nail artist. In between salon visits, use an intensive strengthener such as Dr. Dana Nail Renewal System ($30). Communicating your preferences clearly to them ensure you receive exactly what you desire from each appointment.


Follow a few easy guidelines to extend the lifespan of acrylic nails and extend their longevity. First, visit only highly regarded nail technicians; an inexperienced tech may do irreparable damage that accelerates deterioration faster.

Second, apply a hydrating nail oil or cream regularly – morning and night – in order to rehydrate your nails regularly and help avoid cuticle drying out and becoming brittle or breaking under pressure of acrylic nails. This will also prevent cuticle cracking as your natural nails dry out with time.

Avoid activities that place excessive strain on your nails, such as washing up and gardening. These mundane duties can cause your nails to lift prematurely, leading to the breaking off of acrylics or layers underneath, so gloves are strongly suggested when performing these chores.


Acrylic nails are flexible and can help achieve greater results quickly if you are struggling to grow your nails or are experiencing cracking, chipping or splitting of them. This may be helpful if your fingers have difficulty growing the length they should have or cracking occurs too often.

Skilled nail technicians can shape and apply nails without damaging the natural nail plate underneath, offering more natural-looking solutions than their gel counterparts which tend to be opaque in appearance.

Applying an acrylic manicure is typically fast and straightforward. Your technician will start by prepping the nail plate by removing existing polish, followed by gently buffing away shine to prevent any potential damage to the plate and ensure proper adhesion of an acrylic overlay.

Maintain your acrylic nails by not using them as tools and moisturising regularly with cuticle oil or hand cream to keep them in good health. A frequent visit to a manicurist will make this easier as they will already know about any potential issues with your nail history or any problems they might cause.


Acrylic nails can help make you appear like an athlete or look more athletic, as well as being great for showing off jewelry and themed manicures.

Liquid monomer and powder polymer are combined into an acrylic paste which is applied directly onto the nail tip for hardening. Once set, this hardened acrylic can be shaped and polished according to customer-specified nail shapes.

Experienced technicians will be able to achieve better results in terms of length and structure, sculpting acrylic so it looks natural while matching its color to that of your natural nail.

Be sure to practice healthy nail care routine, particularly with acrylics. This includes moisturizing nails and cuticles regularly in order to prevent dryness and brittleness, while avoiding biting or picking at your nails which could damage both acrylic material and natural nail. Also be sure to disinfect tools after each use, practicing on training fingers or hands prior to applying actual acrylics onto real ones.

Acrylic Nails Benefits, Montreal Manicure
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