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Different Types of Manicure Services

Different Types of Manicure Services, Montreal Manicure

Hands and nails have become an essential element of modern beauty, with manicures becoming an increasingly popular way of exploring color trends and nail design without making an expensive commitment.

Manicures are a beauty treatment that leave both your nails and skin healthy, looking their best, while leaving you looking fabulous. Read on to understand all of the services that offer manicures.

Basic Manicure

Manicures are one of the best beauty treatments for your hands and nails. A manicure typically involves having your nails cut, filed and shaped before pushing back cuticles before experiencing a relaxing hand massage – after which, your nails will be painted in any color you desire!

Add nail art or stripes to your nails, giving them a personalized style and giving your hands a healthy appearance. Have your nail technician remove dead skin around the nails, cleaning around them and helping prevent unsightly dirt buildup around them for added benefits and clean hands.

Basic manicures typically last three to seven days, though you may extend their longevity by using quick-drying products or asking your nail tech to dehydrate your nails with alcohol pads before applying polish. Unfortunately, this form of service tends to be more costly than other options but remains one of the most widely offered at salons.

Classic Manicure

A classic manicure is a staple service at many salons and typically costs the least compared to other options available, making it an affordable solution. This manicure typically entails base coat, color and topcoat application of regular polish along with cuticle care and hand massage services for maximum pleasure!

However, its disadvantages include quick chipping times compared to other options and lasting only approximately one week depending on how rough your nails are. Still, it can provide a great opportunity to treat yourself and give yourself a brand-new look!

Manicures provide your nails with essential nutrients they require for good health, keeping your fingers and hands functioning at their best. As your hands do a lot of hard work, keeping them looking their best is also crucial. A manicure not only offers cosmetic benefits, but it can also help relieve stress and leave you feeling refreshed for taking on another day ahead! The process also improves blood circulation to your fingertips and nails to reduce swelling.

Gel Manicure

Gel manicures use a special kind of polish that sets under UV light instead of air drying, and begin by following all of the same steps as regular manicures: filing and cuticle pusher trimming; treatment application and massage before finishing off with one base and two coats of polish before placing your hand under an UV lamp for setting.

Be mindful that this type of manicure uses UV-radiated chemicals that could potentially harm your nails. Wearing sunscreen or applying cuticle oil daily to your nails may help minimize this risk; another effective option would be applying cuticle oil on an ongoing basis to keep them hydrated and maintain proper nail health.

Picking or peeling nail polish can damage nails, making future manicures harder to adhere. If the color lifts off of your nails, contact a nail technician immediately to set up an appointment so it can be safely and professionally removed.

Dip-Powder Manicure

Dip-powder manicures use colored powder and resin-type glue to provide longer-wearing nail enhancements than regular polish. However, unlike gel nails, they’re less hygienic and could potentially damage natural nails if applied or removed incorrectly, so for best results visit a salon with experienced technicians.

Manicurists will begin by cleaning and degreasing your nails to rid them of oils, followed by application of a clear base coat and then dipping your natural nails in colored powder combined with activators before brushing away excess and finishing off by sealing with top coat to complete their task.

Dip powder’s polymers are stronger than those in gel formula, making it less likely to chip or lift, according to Lippmann. A quality dip manicure may last five weeks with proper application from a technician; additionally, this option can also benefit people with shorter talons as technicians can add nail tip extensions in order to lengthen them before applying the dip powder on top.

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