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French Manicure – A Step-By-Step Tutorial

French Manicure – A Step-By-Step Tutorial, Montreal Manicure

French Manicure – A Step-By-Step Tutorial, Montreal Manicure

French manicures are timeless nail styles that look great at any event, so learn to do one yourself with this step-by-step tutorial!

Before applying base coat, first soak your nails for one minute in warm water to loosen any build-up and prepare them for optimal results. This helps remove debris that has built up under your nails as well as set the stage for success!


French manicures are timeless classics that are simple to achieve at home, using just basic nail care items such as cuticle oil and base coat.

Start by trimming and filing your nails into a rounded shape. Next, apply some cuticle oil to both hands and push back cuticles as soon as they appear.

Finish with a top coat to protect and maintain shiny nails, or use a UV nail lamp to speed up drying times.

Apply a white nail polish tip onto the curved edge of each nail. Guides or stickers may help ensure an even, precise line.

Cuticle Care

An elegant French manicure makes a statement of sophistication when executed properly, yet can be difficult to do at home (it just requires more time and care than regular nail polish application). Done correctly though, the results look elegant and sophisticated!

Both experts agree that healthy-looking manicures require well-groomed cuticles. Therefore, they recommend home nail buffing with a soft-grit buffer and keeping hands hydrated using cuticle oil or cream.

Stern suggests to instead use a cuticle pusher to gently push back skin at your nails’ free edges with gentle pressure – remembering that they serve an important purpose!

Base Coat

Make sure you use an effective base coat to extend the longevity of your manicure, whether at a beauty store or online. Base coats typically have a clear sticky consistency that applies before nail polish application; look for ones containing ingredients like soy, calcium, and vitamin E such as the Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Nail Hardener or Londontown Grip Lock Base Coat when shopping for one.

For quick fixes, acetone-soaked nailbrushes or paintbrushes can also help clean off any extra polish on the edges of your nails quickly – just remember to wipe clean quickly so as not to ruin the base coat!

Nail Polish

Minina suggests adding different shades for an eye-catching twist on this nail look. “Add them for an exciting change!” she suggests.

Once the nails are shaped and filed down, use a nail file to buff them and apply cuticle oil for nourishment of the nails. A base coat should then be applied as protection and an aid for adhering coloured polish.

To create a white tip, apply a thin line of white nail polish along the upper edge of your free nail plate. Curved or straight across, your tip can add dimension depending on what look is desired. Allow time for drying before applying top coat.

White Tip

French manicures require a white tip that sits atop a pink or nude base color. This shade can range from milky to bright – whatever is most aesthetically pleasing will work best!

Your French nails can be personalized by altering their curve or tip size. For instance, to elongate them further down each nail sidewall you could add an extravagant smile line that extends further out from its origin point.

Lippmann suggests using a high-quality design brush and quick-drying top coat (Maxus Nails FINITO) in combination for creating a crisp smile line. This combination can help avoid smudged smile lines while keeping nails looking fresh.

Top Coat

Top coats can extend polish wear and keep your manicure looking its best. Whereas base coats protect nails while providing nail polish adhesion, top coats prevent chipping.

No matter if it’s traditional with elegant white lines or more contemporary with trendier TikTok-esque patterns, success lies in careful preparation and application of any desired look. Once complete, make sure that it remains shiny by applying a top coat over it.

French Manicure – A Step-By-Step Tutorial, Montreal Manicure
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