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French Manicure Montreal

French Manicure Montreal, Montreal Manicure

NStyle Beauty Lounge is a contemporary nail and eyelash extensions salon, with branches throughout Europe and North America. Attentive to hygiene and quality measures, NStyle provides clients with a relaxing experience.

No matter its style or execution, French manicures never go out of fashion and there are now more ways than ever before to update its classic appearance.

The history of the French Manicure

The classic French manicure has long been a beloved beauty trend, making an impressionful statement about any fashion-conscious woman’s personal taste and professional appearance. Perfectly balanced between feminine and professional aesthetics, it suits virtually all occasions while being simple enough for any nail or beauty salon to carry out.

Farrah Fawcett first made French Manicure nails fashionable during her 1970’s appearance on Farrah Fawcett Show and it quickly spread through Madonna and Cyndi Lauper as they donned this fashionable and sophisticated manicure style.

Jeff Pink popularized this style when film studios got tired of actresses spending hours changing their nail colours between outfit changes on set. Pink created his Natural Look Nail Kit consisting of flesh-coloured polish with opaque white nail polish before taking it overseas for use by fashion show models in Paris; then coining the term ‘French manicure’ when back home.

The look of the French Manicure

A classic French Manicure offers a polished and professional appearance, conjuring vintage nostalgia. But this manicure can also be customized with pops of color, different textures and nail art designs for added flare.

Many nail techs opt to draw a sharp line between white and pale pink nail art pens to achieve an elegant French look suitable for any special occasion. This will result in an exquisite French aesthetic.

One way to add flair is with holographic glitter on the tips, which looks especially stunning against pink and white bases and can be applied both on natural nails as well as acrylic ones.

If you want a playful take on the French manicure, pastel colors offer an eye-catching alternative. Coffin-shaped nails look beautiful when painted in pastel hues that feature feminine swirls reminiscent of feminine femininity and beautiful femininity. This style can also be applied glittery variations of this classic French look for added glitz; for even more flair add an asymmetrical design and make a statement!

The French Manicure for the modern woman

Modern nail artists are taking the classic French manicure to new levels of colorful and interesting. Some popular variations of the French manicure include an encapsulated French design that incorporates flowers or other designs in between layers of polish, while other incorporate pearl details for a chic, elegant finish.

Color choices should complement both skin tone and shape of nails; deep nude or mauve colors work best with darker complexions while pastel pink and powder shades make an excellent match with lighter tones.

Add an elegant yet flirty flair to the classic French manicure by opting for a V-shaped tip manicure, as seen on Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin. This look, made popular by this trend, lengthens fingers while remaining feminine – ideal for Valentine’s Day or any time you feel extra sensual! This may take practice but will definitely pay off.

The French Manicure for the young at heart

French Manicures have long been considered timeless. If you want to add modern touches, such as using nail art pens to draw patterns on your nails or glitter, adding sparkle can give your manicure even more feminine style.

One way to give your French Manicure an original twist is by choosing an eye-catching color for the tips of each nail tip. This will add extra vibrancy and colour, sure to catch people’s eyes. Try incorporating rainbow ombre or rose gold foil for even more chic touches.

NStyle Nail Salon is an all-in-one beauty bar, providing manicures, pedicures, eyelash extensions, waxing and threading services at competitive rates. Their strict policy on sanitation ensures clients feel confident at all times.

French Manicure Montreal, Montreal Manicure
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