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Hot Gel Nails For 2023

Hot Gel Nails For 2023, Montreal Manicure

Hot Gel Nails For 2023, Montreal Manicure

Get chic spring gel nails this year. From marble, stripes, and flower effects – these trendy designs will surely impress your clients!

Harriet Westmoreland recommends trying a chrome manicure with an adult flair for an effective and aesthetically pleasing result. She advises incorporating it over opaque or sheer shades for an ultra-glossy, healthy appearance.

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue is an eye-catching vibrant clean blue with medium tinting strength. As one of the Series 4 colors available commercially, it stands up well against weathering, acids, light and heat exposure and has good resistance against weathering and corrosion.

Cobalt blue creates stunning effects when combined with warm hues such as yellow, green and red; it pairs beautifully with silver and gold accents as well.

Artists once used lapis lazuli – an Afghani semi-precious gemstone mined for its blue pigment – as an alternative to Ultramarine; however, this method was costly and time-consuming. Cobalt blue’s discovery revolutionized this practice.

Color can be achieved by calcining a mixture of cobalt (II) oxide and aluminum (III) oxide at high temperatures to form cobalt aluminate spinel, with hues changing by replacing part of the cobalt with either chromium oxide or zinc oxide. Imitation or “fake” Cobalt Blue pigments such as Phthalo Blue or Zinc White often fail to reproduce its stability and lightfastness when producing fake Cobalt Blue colors.

Pea Green

Vegetables like peas can often be divisive; people either love them or hate them. But when applied as gel nails, peas become much less controversial: Instagram influencers and beauty experts both recognize that green manicures look fantastic on nearly all skin tones.

Hex Code for this color: #8EAB12 The shade looks lush in a forest-like color that will make your nails shine. Try mixing this hue with black nail polish or purple for darker results.

This color is ideal for nails that are very thin as it will prevent them from looking too short. Apply a base coat, nail polish and topcoat before curing each layer using a UV/LED gel nail light for up to 21-day manicure! Our gel nail polish formula is skin-friendly, toxin-free and produces minimal odor, plus contains hydrogenated castor glyceride to keep your nails hydrated.

Classic Red

If you prefer classic red nails, this shade may be just what you are searching for. Easy to transition from summer to fall weather as temperatures start dropping, it goes with any outfit and works beautifully with any look!

If bold shades aren’t your cup of tea, consider switching up your nail look this season with sheer blush nail polish instead. This flattering shade makes an eye-catching statement and will help your nails appear healthy and full, especially if you have been applying cuticle oils regularly.

If you want a bolder style, try layering textured nails with gold foils, gems or decals. This look can be achieved both at home using a nail art toolkit or at a salon.

Glitter nail art remains an ever-popular trend and will remain so through 2023. Wear it as a French tip, mix-and-match it with different colors or go for an altogether glittery look, this versatile trend can be worn anywhere and anytime!

Dark Winter

If bright colors and chrome nail designs aren’t your thing, try opting for subtler hues this winter. Dark hues provide a moody atmosphere without going overboard on glitter.

Cao predicts earthy tones will be popular in 2023. She suggests a muted olive green hue as an eye-catching mood-boosting shade ideal for spring.

She anticipates that chrome will still be popular, though not in its typical blingy form. Instead, you’ll likely see it used over opaque and sheer base colors to achieve a healthier look.

Try experimenting with metallic polish topped with chrome for an extra sparkly effect, similar to Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut trend from summer. A coffin nail shape with straight tips creates an eye-catching finish!

Hot Gel Nails For 2023, Montreal Manicure
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