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Hot Nails Colors For 2023

Hot Nails Colors For 2023, Montreal Manicure

If you want a manicure that exudes elegance and femininity, consider opting for pastel pink shades. They work well as French or moon manicures or can even be decorated with rhinestones or even floral patterns for added glamor.

Chrome will continue its dominance in 2023, but that doesn’t automatically translate to flashiness. Expect it to appear over opaque and sheer shades such as this milky-white design featuring chrome as part of an eye-catching doughnut motif.

Cobalt Blue

Send yourself back in time with a vibrant cobalt blue nail polish, perfect for transporting you back to childhood playground days! This vibrant hue pairs well with athletic wear and even works well alongside classic white manicures.

Teal is another stunning blue hue that can create both cheerful and sophisticated effects on its own or when added to a gradient holographic gradient. Use teal for French or moon manicures, gradient holographic gradients, pop art designs such as lines and squiggles on nails adorned in this shade, or decorate nails using pop art designs with lines and squiggles for decoration purposes.

Harriet Westmoreland, global ambassador of OPI, predicts that chrome is emerging from its “bling phase” into more sophisticated styles; for a softer take on this summer’s glazed doughnut trend she suggests trying a metallic shade layered over clear polish for a glossy, healthy appearance.

Pea Green

This year, light green shades with yellowish undertones reminiscent of khaki will become very fashionable. Representing our pursuit for naturalness, these nails look stunning against any backdrop.

Falcone predicts the balletcore trend will extend into nail polish. She suggests shimmery pink ballet slipper shades like Orly’s Can’t Jet Enough as an option for creating this look.

Black nail polish remains a timeless classic and versatile staple, often serving both as an accent color and base for nail art designs. Sally Hansen’s highly reviewed classic black shade makes an essential purchase, and comes at an economical price point that makes this classic shade from their collection essential.


Red nails are timeless classics that never go out of style. Representing female power and sensuality, red nail colors are becoming an ever-growing trend in 2023. Cherry red and raspberry shades can add depth to your manicure for added impact, or opt for bold burgundy tones to complete it all!

Caught In The Rain is the ideal hue to transition between fall and spring with ease. For something tropical-inspired, try pairing it with pistachio hues or chrome. According to OPI global ambassador Harriet Westmoreland, chrome may also work – just apply it over opaque and sheer shades for an eye-catching “glazed doughnut” effect for something extra sparkly! Show your summer nail colors off!


Purple adds sophistication and femininity to a manicure, especially when combined with darker tones. Short nails look fantastic with this hue; its shades also serve to emphasize any sun tans you might have!

Try the trendy chrome finish this summer; this trend was popular on red carpets this past winter and should continue into springtime.

If you don’t want to commit to a full chrome manicure, try pairing light pink polish with silver chrome powder to get that glamorous look without making a permanent commitment. This technique works just as effectively!

Soft pastel yellow manicures make a playful, sunny statement this spring. Choose between bold lemon shades like Essie Busy Beeline from their Expressie quick-dry line for something more muted.


This soft terracotta hue works beautifully against lighter skin tones and works particularly well when worn with swirly nail art designs for an eye-catching finish that complements summer tans.

If you’re not yet ready to commit to the full-on bright manicure trend, give pastel polishes such as yellow a try instead. Their cheerful nature exudes positivity while being timeless yet modern at once.

Geometric nails have made a comeback, thanks to Dua Lipa and her signature chrome-finish tour manicures. Try pairing a neutral shade with metallic specks for an eye-catching molten metallic effect that works on all nail shapes.

Hot Nails Colors For 2023, Montreal Manicure
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