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How Manicure Gel Extensions Work

How Manicure Gel Extensions Work, Montreal Manicure

Gel extensions offer light, flexible, and long-term nail care solutions, so they may be your go-to option if you want a light yet flexible manicure that lasts. But how exactly do they work?

First, a technician prepares natural nails (by filing and buffing, pushing back cuticles and applying pH Bonder), before attaching form or pre-shaped soft gel nail tips to each finger.

How They’re Done

Gel nail polish is an increasingly popular manicure trend that uses photo-initiated polymers to produce long-wearing color. Now there is an innovative new technology allowing users to add length and design to their nails with this same technology – Manicure Gel Extensions offer a less harsh yet more natural alternative to acrylics.

Before applying your extensions, a technician will first wash and file/buff your hands, followed by applying primer liquid and an extend gel layer over your entire nail plate. A tip or nail form will then be pressed onto each nail before curing under UV/LED lighting for several minutes to ensure a strong bond between natural nail and gel extension.

Once the extensions have set completely, they should be removed with acetone by soaking. It is highly recommended that a nail tech remove them as doing this yourself can lead to damaged and peeling natural nails.


At first, a nail technician will file and buff natural nails prior to applying dehydrator or primer products such as Young Nails protine Bond for gel adhesion. She then follows this with another preparation product to ensure proper adhesion of polish.

Next, the tech uses a cuticle pusher to gently push back the cuticule. This step is essential as if not properly performed, the cuticle could peel prematurely and lift from underneath, potentially resulting in lift on natural nail underneath.

Finally, the nail tech will apply nail forms and then soft gel overlays to extend the length of natural nails using UV light curing. There are two kinds of gel used here – structure gel is less aggressive and easier to remove while hard gel provides more durable capping on natural nails. Finally, soft gel is then cured under UV light to extend their length further.


One of the most beloved nail services over recent decades has been gel, an increasingly popular type of longer-wearing nail polish that cures under UV or LED lighting. Now there’s also gel extensions: using photoinitiated polymers, they add length to nails using this photo-activated technique.

Gel-X offers an alternative to acrylics that does not involve applying liquid monomer and powder polymer onto nail forms or tips; rather it relies solely on soft gel polish application for its effects on natural nails, with quicker application due to no shaping of extensions and cleaning with acetone required for cleanup after each use. This product can help safeguard both natural nails as well as those extended using extensions by being safer for them and quicker in its application process.

Boyce notes that when applied correctly, gel extensions appear more natural than acrylic ones and have a shorter and gentler removal process that reduces chances of damaging real nails. Furthermore, there’s no strong odor or cloud of dust during application or removal; though you could apply them yourself at home if desired – though for best results and care it is always wiser to consult a professional service.


Removing extensions properly can be both time-consuming and damaging, according to Chaun Legend, a celebrity nail artist who has worked with Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. Even with an effective removal method in place, natural nails may still become damaged if careless removal techniques are utilized, she notes.

To prevent this, it’s wise to leave nail extension and glue removal to professionals while investing in a good moisturizer containing fortifying ingredients like keratin, biotin and omega-3 for your own nail care regime. Legend suggests beginning to use such products immediately for maximum benefit.

Once your extensions have disintegrated completely, the final step should be buffing nails and applying cuticle oil to moisturize skin around nails. Next comes rebuilding phase; as this may take several weeks or months for natural nails to recover from gel manicures and return to their healthy state – so be patient. It’s also essential that they’re regularly trimmed, and not filed too hard!

How Manicure Gel Extensions Work, Montreal Manicure
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