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Latest Trends in Nail Art Designs

Latest Trends in Nail Art Designs, Montreal Manicure

Every new year brings with it new nail trends. Whether you prefer subtle or daring looks, these trends are sure to give your manicure some flair and add something extra special!

One of the most enduringly fashionable nail art designs is French illusion nail art, which uses two contrasting colors to create an optical illusion.

French Illusion Nails

French nail art designs have long enthralled manicure enthusiasts. Available in various styles and embellishments to reflect different personalities and preferences, French manicure designs offer something special.

Some of the latest trends include skinny French manicures, strawberry glaze effects, micro nail art designs and the BIAB manicure. These unique French tip nail designs create an eye-catching appearance sure to garner compliments and garner you compliments from others.

For bold and daring looks, consider trying an optical illusion French manicure. This style features a traditional white stripe with inverted colors on its tips to create an eye-catching illusion. Additionally, you can add fun shapes like checks or even yin yang symbols for added flare or keep things classic by opting for simple designs like curved lines for classic chic looks.

Melted Nails

Session manicurist Tyler Phoenix says this season it’s all about sculptural forms – from Yayoi Kusama-inspired bulbous forms to 3-D cherries that appear edible – when it comes to manicuring nails. “More is better,” he states.

Hailey Bieber set a trend when she debuted glazed donut nails at last year’s Met Gala, and this winter 2023 we are sure to see more. Choi suggests recreating this look by applying thin layers of your chosen color until it appears to blend onto your nail bed.

Foils–shiny metallic flecks that you apply to your nails–can easily enhance any manicure with minimal effort. Try adding one as an accent piece, or go all-out and apply an entire set for more dramatic effects.

Ombre Nails

If bold nail art isn’t your cup of tea, minimalist nail trends have also gained prominence. Ombre nails is one such trend which features natural-looking color gradients from the base to tip of each fingernail.

Ombre nails have seen a recent revival as they can create the appearance of two colors of differing opacities blending seamlessly, glitter gradient over solid colors (ideal for galaxy or sunset nails), or pigment graduated over clear polish. According to Valenza, “Ombre nails are making a comeback due to their versatility”.

At home, creating an ombre look can be done easily using disposable makeup sponges (the wedge-shaped ones work best) and various shades of nail polish. Apply an ombre shade directly onto the sponge before pressing it onto your nail from cuticle to tip.

Nail Art Accessories

Nail art accessories today are designed to add some flare to your manicure, from rainbow colors with holes punched for an effect, to intricate patterns with multiple options – there is something out there for everyone.

Minimalist nail designs have also seen an upsurge. Minimalist designs typically consist of one line or figure.

Skillshare instructor Gabriela Cismas created an elegant bow design on her nails with delicate strokes from a dotting tool, while other popular and chic nail art designs include flowers and stained glass effects. For those seeking something simpler but classic looking nails with dots created using dotting tools are an option that looks stunning on both long and short nails.

3D Nails

3D nail art transcends flat designs to create a one-of-a-kind style. This trend features unique crystals and charms, sculpted acrylic elements or even textured polish blobs that add dimension to your nails for a bold statement look.

Brittney Boyce, the manicurist for Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly of celeb status, offers some popular 3D nail trends: crystals, pearls, spikes, gold cuffs and chains are popular options; for something subtler a simple floral design or checkerboard pattern may do just the trick.

Choi advises that jelly finishes can also be an ideal way to try the trend, noting how this translucent gel-like finish allows your natural nail color to come through for an elegant, subtle and sophisticated effect.

Latest Trends in Nail Art Designs, Montreal Manicure
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