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Latest Trends in Nail Art Designs for Spring

Latest Trends in Nail Art Designs for Spring, Montreal Manicure

Latest Trends in Nail Art Designs for Spring, Montreal Manicure

No matter your aesthetic or personal preferences, these trendy nail art designs have got your look covered this spring. From French manicure variations to negative space cactus nails – there’s sure to be something suitable.

Hailey Bieber, Dua Lipa and Lizzo may have begun the glazed donut nail trend last year, and it remains popular this season. Try pairing milky shades topped with chrome for an eye-catching glossy finish.

1. Pop Art

Pop art nails have quickly become the latest nail trend that we can’t stop seeing on Instagram feeds. Their graphic lines evoke comic book imagery while working well with any color nail polish!

If you like the pop art aesthetic but don’t want your entire mani to reflect it, try incorporating elements of it more subtly into your manicure design. For instance, this nail artist added an eye-catching rainbow gradient onto her classic red manicure for an eye-catching twist.

2. French Illusion

The classic French manicure is getting an updated makeover thanks to the illusion trend. Achieve by blending two colors – say black and white – into each other to produce an optical illusion on nails, this look creates a shadow effect on each nail and creates an impressive shadow effect on them.

Add an eye-catching shimmery metallic shade for an eye-catching French manicure that sparkles. This trend works particularly well when worn over a matte nude base.

Try this extra trend featuring textured nails with different patterns and negative space to recreate Cardi B’s iconic encrusted talons, or use the holographic foil technique for an out-of-this-world mani.

3. Hourglass Nails

This trend offers a more subdued take on the classic French manicure with stripes over half-painted nails and is ideal for those with minimalist tastes, adding even more polish when used across all five fingers.

Hemi Park, LeChat Nails educator and beauty influencer, suggests adding some edge to this sleek style by opting for metallic nail art – whether black or gold, metallic nail art can easily elevate any look without forgoing its classic pop of color.

Jewel nails are an extra-glam trend to try this spring, inspired by Cardi B’s jewel-encrusted talons. To achieve the blinged-out effect, add several small crystal dots on each nail and apply several dots for added blinged out flair.

4. Airbrush Nails

Everything old is new again, including this trend that adds a contemporary flare to ’80s and ’90s style. Using spray paint effects for nail art creation, users can achieve graffiti or ombre-inspired nail looks using this technique.

One of our favorite ways to incorporate this trend into a manicure is with textured accent nails. Celebrity nail artist Elle Gerstein (whose A-List clients include Blake Lively and Mariah Carey) suggests adding decals, different patterns, negative space, rhinestones into the design for maximum effect.

Swirl designs can also help incorporate this trend into your nails. You can either do them solo, or incorporate them into a variation on a French manicure.

5. Geometric Art

If you’re a minimalist who wants to show off their nails with style, try opting for geometric nail art designs. Geometric patterns add some contrast and can really make your nails stand out from the rest of your collection.

Black lines on white is an iconic combination and works beautifully with various hues of nail polish. For added eye-catching appeal, choose pastel tones to make your mani even more striking – they pair nicely with any outfit! For something playful add some rhinestones or stickers for extra effect.

6. Cow Print

Cow print nails are an engaging and stylish way to express oneself and add personal flair. Blue hues make an especially attractive addition, as this shade symbolizes calmness and serenity–making it the ideal color choice for this design!

If you want to try the cow print trend but feel intimidated by bold spots, try opting for more subdued spots with light blue polish instead. This allows you to incorporate classic cow prints without being too in-your-face.

Dip nails make for an elegant yet long-term design option, perfect for this design style. Additionally, adding nail polish over them adds visual interest and can even create more eye-catching results.

7. Geometric Nails

Add some edge to your look by trying geometric nail designs on your manicure! From stripes to chevrons and even gradients, this trend works great with any color and can be as bold or subdued as desired.

This trend is an easy and chic way to add texture and depth to a traditional red nail color scheme. Give it a try for yourself today, perhaps adding black lines for an eye-catching edge!

Latest Trends in Nail Art Designs for Spring, Montreal Manicure
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