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Latest Trends in Nail Art Designs

Latest Trends in Nail Art Designs, Montreal Manicure

Latest Trends in Nail Art Designs, Montreal Manicure

Minimalism remains on trend and a minimalist mani is the way to go. Be bold by trying a twist on the French manicure or adding some fun designs for an eye-catching and rejuvenating effect.

Falcone has seen her fair share of blue this year, as well as the trendiest glazed nail trend first popularized by Hailey Bieber and Dua Lipa on TikTok. To achieve the look, apply metallic polish over each nail and then paint intricate swirls atop with glittery paintbrushes for an intricate effect.

Hourglass Nails

Hourglass nails, made popular again thanks to Kourtney Kardashian and nail artists on Instagram, offer a unique take on French manicure. Fusing attractive, artistic shapes with plenty of negative space, this design makes an eye-catching statement at any special event or new relationship milestone.

Since swirl designs fall under the mixed patterns trend and can easily pair with various other nail art designs, they also look chic when worn alone. “An ombre swirl with gold foil could fall under galaxy nails; while black polish swirls featuring flowers or hearts would work great with the 70s revival” notes nail artist Steph Stone.

The beauty of this design lies in its flexibility; it works on nails of any length. However, shorter nails may prove challenging when creating twin swirls on both hands due to keeping them symmetrical – mastering this challenge may prove especially daunting!

Airbrush Nails

Airbrush nails are an easy way to add some artful flair to your look if you’re nervous about diving headfirst into full-on nail art. The process requires using an airgun that simultaneously sprays paint and air, so be sure to cover both hands and workspace with newspapers or cloth.

While neon and pastel hues remain trendy this fall, dark-hued palettes aren’t out of place either. One trend to try involves pairing dark gray nail color at the base with an airbrushed gradient design for the tip.

In 2023, French manicure has been given an elegant update featuring dainty details. This look features narrow top and minimal or nonexistent sides for a clean finish that pairs beautifully with any color or design scheme.

Pop Art Nails

Nail art can be endlessly versatile. Whether you want to spice up a dark midnight blue or matte gray manicure with pops of colour, or try something bold and trendy for spring, there is an array of choices when it comes to nail art designs and patterns available to you. Trends such as mismatched nails, dip powder creations or texturised looks provide something suitable for every mood and nail shape imaginable.

Pop art nails (also known as cartoon nails) have become an increasingly popular trend among celebrities and TikTok users alike, providing your mani with a comic-strip-esque appearance through light outlines and detailing. Celebrity nail artist Steph Stone of Los Angeles praises it as being “an effective way of expressing yourself without going too overboard with nail art designs.”

This trend works beautifully on both short and long nails, yet looks especially stunning when applied to darker hues of polish. To avoid overwhelming your nails with too many shapes, white or gray bases might work better; and to add even more drama add some small accent hearts, diamonds, clubs or spades for added drama!

Negative Space Nails

Negative space nails have quickly become one of the hottest nail art trends, making a statement without making commitment difficult. The style allows for creative nail design by painting designs on only part of each nail while leaving gaps or “windows” to display natural nail color underneath. It makes a unique alternative to French tip manicures which may sometimes be difficult to pull off successfully.

Negative space nail art adds depth and dimension to any nail trend you enjoy, such as animal prints like leopard or cheetah prints. Furthermore, glitter gives your look extra dimension – this technique works especially well on negative space nails!

Grass and daisies have recently made an adorable comeback as part of this trending nail art look. Their soft petals add a cute, girly charm that elevates an otherwise classic red manicure, or you could add an eye-catching accent of dots for an added playful twist.

Latest Trends in Nail Art Designs, Montreal Manicure
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