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Manicure For Men

Manicure For Men, Montreal Manicure

Manicure for men involves trimming, filing and polishing their nails – usually considered feminine activities – yet more men are opting for this pampering treatment.

Most manicures begin with a nail soak to soften cuticles and make them easier to work with, followed by trimming, filing, buffing and massaging nails with hand cream before finishing with massage therapy.

Nail Soak

Men’s nails often suffer the damage of working shoes and can develop thick cuticles that become difficult to manage, according to Correa. She states that many of her male clients seek her services to treat these conditions.

She suggests using warm water with Epsom salts to soften cuticles and hydrate nails, followed by gently pushing back cuticles with a wooden cuticle stick.

Distilled white vinegar can provide another great nail soak option, soothing dry skin while disinfecting and softening cuticles, helping prevent nail polish smudging. Add a teaspoon of honey for extra nutrition; combine well, and soak your hands for 10 minutes.

Nail Trimming

Men are slowly realizing the importance of maintaining an immaculate appearance, including their hands. Dirty or overgrown nails can send off the wrong message about first impressions; so keeping them trimmed and tidy is key for creating an excellent first impression.

Manicures have quickly become one of the top reasons men seek manicures at nail salons and grooming lounges specifically catering to male grooming needs. A manicure begins with an invigorating hand and nail soak designed to loosen cuticles for easier cuticle care.

A technician then removes excess cuticle and nail skin around the edges of nails in order to avoid hang-nails and an unsightly appearance, before trimming and filing nails to their desired shapes.

Nail Shaping

Your hands are often exposed to dirt, moisture and pollutants on a daily basis; that’s why it is crucial that they get regular manicures.

Filthy nails send the wrong message when shaking someone’s hand or meeting new contacts in business meetings. A man manicure will trim, clean, and restore hydration back into your fingernails and cuticles for optimal performance.

Step two is using a nail file to smooth down any rough edges on your nails, being sure to only use one direction of strokes when doing this. Otherwise it could cause tears and snags.

Nail Buffing

Hands make an important first impression when going on dates or at job interviews, with dirty nails and rough skin sending the wrong message about who you are or the type of job applicant they may be.

Buffing is a gentle surface abrasion technique designed to smooth away bumps and ridges on nails while stimulating blood flow and encouraging healthy nail growth from its base.

Manicure For Men, Montreal Manicure
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