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Manicure Ideas 2023

Manicure Ideas 2023, Montreal Manicure

Manicure Ideas 2023, Montreal Manicure

No matter your style preference – subtle or extravagant – 2023’s nail trends offer something for every taste and occasion. From glazed doughnut nails to 3D embellishments, these manicure ideas 2023 are sure to get attention.

aura nails have quickly become one of the season’s hottest trends, offering an update to classic ombre nail colors by mixing dark and light shades to create an exquisite gradient effect. Experiment with this trend on long coffin nails for a sophisticated touch.

Neon Coral

Last year, glazed chrome nails and ombre French manicures made waves both in salons and on Instagram; but 2023 has brought us nail art designs that combine color, finish, and texture in one package – from barely-there glaze hues to neon brights – we consulted top nail artists and trend experts to bring you our roundup of summer’s most exciting nail art ideas.

Coral nails look gorgeous on all people, and are especially ideal for spring and summertime. Add an eye-catching pop of colour with either an ombre or neon coral manicure to make a statement in any setting.

Aura nails remain popular thanks to celebrities like Hailey Bieber who sport them, but if air-brushing isn’t for you, you can still create the same effect at home with gray polish. Start with darker hues as your base shade before layering on various contrasting hues in order to create the illusion of checkered patterns.

Rainbow Swirls

Those seeking something less bold may like this striking rainbow swirls manicure. Simply paint different colors onto each nail starting with red and orange and working your way through to blue until complete!

Add some sparkle and shimmer to your rainbow nails by embellishing them with holographic design or glitter. This is an easy and quick way to express yourself visually without the time or skills to complete intricate nail art projects.

This girly look is the perfect way to add some whimsical charm into your daily style. Start off by applying a pastel base coat, and then create rainbow clouds across each nail. To add more visual interest, throw in polka dots for added visual dimension!

Jewelled Nails

Nail piercings remain popular thanks to Taylor Swift’s bejeweled music video; however, this year they will become even more prominent. Add some dazzle with some sparkling diamante add-ons combined with an unfussy manicure for maximum impact!

Glitter and rhinestones will remain prominent this year, yet in more subdued forms. Look out for playful design details such as glitter-lined micro French tips or simply adding crystal dot accents as dots on each nail for playful design twists that keep these timeless materials up-to-date.

Block colors have long been fashionable, but this season try exploring earthier hues like moss green or even rust red for something completely different. These earthy tones add warmth and sophistication while also being visually striking – add some rhinestones for a stylish Paloma Picasso aesthetic!

Mini French Manis

Last year saw the return of French manicures, and it looks set to remain fashionable throughout 2023. This look focuses on natural-looking tips that create chic and sophisticated nails.

Add some flair to your classic French manicure with trendy opal colors for a trendy edge! From pinks, lilacs, and blues – perfect for autumn – to white or neutral shades on other parts of the nail, this delicate color option adds just the right pop.

Chrome polishes provide an alternative take on the French manicure by adding shimmery shimmery finishing touches to its traditional appearance. Use chrome to achieve full sets or just add gold lines to any nude shade for an eye-catching effect; this style also works well for longer nail shapes.

Glass Nails

Utilizing the allure of broken glass, nail art that mimics its delicate beauty has quickly gained attention. Devised by Korean nail artist Park Eunkyung, this captivating manicure involves applying foil shards over a neutral base to produce an eye-catching, subtle yet holographic effect.

Try a pastel version of this manicure to emulate the beachy looks seen on TikTok beach babes, or go big and bold by using multiple hues ranging from pinks, reds and oranges on one nail and blues, seafoam greens and purples on another nail.

Warning: this trend requires precise work from an experienced manicurist; for the best experience we suggest consulting one for assistance. But if you’re up to the challenge and willing to invest the effort yourself, the result can be truly captivating and worth every cent invested!

Manicure Ideas 2023, Montreal Manicure
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