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Manicure Ideas 2023

Manicure Ideas 2023, Montreal Manicure

Recurring manicures can greatly benefit the condition of your nails; however, their frequency depends on your occupation and lifestyle.

2023 nail trends include milky nudes, minimalist classics such as French tips, airbrush nails with vintage flair, milky nudes and three dimensional art designs from Pantone’s Color of the Year: Viva Magenta. There’s plenty of room for creative styles such as these too.

Textured Accents

If you want a lively French manicure, textured accents can add dimension and polish the look. Play around with rhinestones or glitter; or even try trendy nail art trends like glass nails (which use finely-cut holographic foil to simulate broken pieces of glass on your nails).

Personalizing a nail design with your initial is another great option for spring. A star sign symbol makes for an eye-catching display and it is fairly easy to recreate at home, giving you plenty of scope in terms of how big or small of an impactful statement you want to make with this look. Draw one on all or just an accent finger if desired for maximum subtly.

After a long winter, bright pops of color are essential. Subdued shades such as pink, dusty rose and orchid make for great choices when selecting your manicure colors – but for something a bit bolder try something like this fuchsia polish with its more subdued stripes than those seen on Barbiecore manicures but which still stands out.

Longer Nails

Longer nails can make an eye-catching statement with their feminine and flattering appeal. From almond, oval, coffin shapes or whatever else comes to mind – longer nails elongate the fingers giving plenty of space for designs or nail art that wouldn’t work on shorter ones.

If a more classic and minimal look appeals to you, natural nail colors could be just what the doctor ordered. Bare nails have become increasingly fashionable and pair beautifully with shimmery metallic hues like OPI’s Bubble Bath or Love Is in the Bare for an eye-catching effect.

Chrome polish, the trend that began its surge in 2022, is continuing its rise but with an updated twist. According to nail expert Jin Soon Choi, chrome will still be big for 2023 but more grown-up versions such as over opaque or sheer base shades in order to give nails a glossy and healthy appearance will become popular. She’s also seeing increased requests for almond-shaped nails; which features pointy tops with fuller middles.

Press-On Nails

Press-on nails offer an affordable and quick solution for getting a manicure in one weekend. Adhered directly to natural nails using nail glue or adhesive tabs, press-ons can last up to two weeks with proper care. When properly sized and fitted correctly they should snugly rest against them while pushing back your cuticles for a polished look – unlike gel extensions they are less likely to snag or pop off under regular use and easy to take off, unlike gel extensions which often become brittle over time and may snag off, unlike gel extensions! However do not attempt using acetone soaks as this could damage their adhesive backing, making reuse impossible.

Press-on nails come in an assortment of shapes, sizes and colors that can be customized with glitter, jewels or other designs. Rave Nailz founder Braelinn Frank suggests trying long almond-shaped “donut glazed” nails similar to what Hailey Bieber wears for an alternative style option.

Nail Piercings

Nail piercings may seem like something from the 1990s, but they’re back with a bang! “Longer nails make the best canvas for this trend – longer nails provide enough surface area for adding dangling diamante pieces that add flair.” Shelton advises booking an appointment at a salon offering this service.

Patterned nails remain popular on runways (such as Brandon Maxwell, Fendi Resort and Michael Kors) as well as in salons nationwide. From reverse French manicures with glitter hugging the cuticle to single crystal dot accents on every nail, this look can easily fit in with all nail shapes.

Are you in search of additional nail trend ideas? Check out what celebrities are sporting right now to stay ahead.

Manicure Ideas 2023, Montreal Manicure
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