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Nail Art 2023 Trends

Nail Art 2023 Trends, Montreal Manicure

Nail Art 2023 Trends, Montreal Manicure

These 2023 nail trends promise to add some shine and shimmer to your style, from glittering nails to 3D accents. Mood Ring Nails (or aura nails) feature captivating ombre effects reminiscent of mood rings to add extra pizazz and flair.

This year’s beauty trend – and one that extends to your nails – is to embrace your inner goth girl, from 3-D mermaid nails to dark galaxy manicures. Here are the most popular mani ideas of 2018 so far.

1. Metallic Accents

No matter your skill level or aesthetic preference, nail trends offer plenty of inspiration. From shimmery silver metallic nails to marble nail art designs, there’s sure to be an elegant manicure design perfect for this fall’s wardrobe.

Metallic accents may be popular this season, but natural looks and graphic designs have also become hugely popular this year. Marble nail techniques mimicking marble stone come in an assortment of colors and patterns while graphic nail art features simple linear or geometric patterns easily integrated into everyday outfits.

Black nails have also become fashionable this fall 2023 season, as evidenced by Selena Gomez and Emily Ratajkowski wearing natural grunge chips. While stained glass nails feature an Old World aesthetic and pair nicely with denim jackets or lace dresses. Finally, negative space nail designs offer something subtler; from single accents to intricate cutouts this minimal trend should definitely make an appearance this fall 2023 season!

2. Mood Ring Nails

Hailey Bieber set the trend for shiny nails this summer and chrome will continue to be popular nail color choice in 2023. But instead of its usual glittery appearance on runways, OPI global ambassador Harriet Westmoreland predicts you can expect “grown-up evolution”, featuring opaque and sheer base shades combined with chrome for a glossy and healthy finish. Try layering milky shades topped with chrome for an updated take on 2022’s popular “glazed donut nails,” or try bolder hues for more luxurious looks!

Nail artist Sigourney Nunez is particularly fond of aura nails, which feature an airbrushed gradient reflecting one’s energy and essence (think warm/cool tones like an emotional thermometer). Simply paint a solid base color and use splashes of color to achieve desired effects.

Pink nails are an absolute must this summer. From vibrant shades such as Viva Magenta to those featuring silver chrome powder, their beauty is undeniable.

3. Velvet Nails

No matter your style – from minimalist bare nails to subtle details – velvet nails have quickly become an elegant alternative to glitter, and are becoming the trendiest style trend of 2023.

Metallic and espresso hues have also seen renewed interest this fall, as they’re easy to pair with other colors and complimenting current fashion trends like neutrals with splashes of color or emerald-green accents.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try your hand at 3D nail design. Similar to TikTok’s cat eye nail trend, 3D designs use magnets to manipulate polish and create swirls or other effects – the end result being super cool and sure to take your look up another level!

Other creative manicures to try include marble designs and the trendy spotted nail trend favored by celebrities such as Margot Robbie. If you prefer simpler details, why not give a reverse French manicure featuring tiny gold flakes or delicate flower designs a try?

4. Nail Piercings

While sea glass nails ruled spring 2023 and red theory manis dominated summer 2023, black manicures are quickly emerging as the nail trend of choice for fall 2023. The minimalist style exudes sophistication and elegance while being versatile enough to complement any ensemble or mood – from plain matte black matte polishes to French tips with silver and gold accents; black manicures offer endless ways to rock this timeless style.

Nail jewelry or nail piercings have become an increasingly popular way of personalizing your mani. Haidar reports seeing clients request metallic accents like chains, studs and charms be placed on their tips – this process can either be performed professionally by your nail technician or DIY with clear polish base and hanging rhinestones or gold hoops as a solution.

Add an edge to your black manicure by updating this year’s major Barbiecore trend with natural grunge chips – the ideal alternative to the bubble hearts and butterfly motifs that dominated last fall – particularly striking against muted hues such as blush pinks and mauves.

Nail Art 2023 Trends, Montreal Manicure
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