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Nail Art Design Styles

Nail Art Design Styles, Montreal Manicure

Nail Art Design Styles, Montreal Manicure

Nail art can be an engaging way to express yourself creatively and freely. A skilled nail tech can produce designs that truly reflect their personal style while being fun for everyone else as well.

Continuous line art requires steady hands and precise brushwork to create beautiful results, but if your confidence in painting skills is lacking, nail decals may provide an easy yet impactful alternative solution.

Black and White

Black and white is an age-old color combination, sure to turn heads and leave an impression. From an eye-catching polka dot manicure to more complex designs, this monochrome look will definitely turn heads.

Halle Bailey and Emily Ratajkowski have made this trend popular, but anyone can try it themselves! Give your nails an A-Lister edge by giving them a modern flair with black-tipped French manicures with added bling to up the glamour factor.

Create an eye-catching optical illusion with black swirls on your nails for a unique jester costume-inspired look. Black and white thin lines on your nails look stunning, adding a new dimension to your appearance – great designs for parties or wedding occasions!

Red and White

Red and white nail designs are timeless classics that never fail to turn heads. Ranging from intricate patterns to tactile finishes, this look can be customized according to your personal taste and can even be transformed to fit different occasions!

If you want a more sophisticated take on the trend, add gold accents to a red and white ombre manicure for an unexpected pop that makes an elegant statement – ideal for Valentine’s Day or Fourth of July manicures!

Add polka dots to a red and white manicure for an unforgettable look! Play around with different dot sizes for either subtle or bold looks, and draw upon history of polka dot psychology for inspiration. Or get festive with Christmas ornament inspired designs that capture its twinkling lights!


Pineapple nail art is an entertaining and creative way to show your love of this tropical fruit. These designs typically incorporate vibrant yellow and green shades with palm fronds and other island motifs for added flair. Plus, this style works well with both casual beach attire and formal cocktail dresses!

Nail art featuring pineapples makes an eye-catching design on short nails, whether painted directly onto or achieved using decals and stamps. You can also incorporate glitter and rhinestones to enhance these pineapple nails. Another popular design option is the Hawaiian Quilt Nail design which displays intricate Hawaiian quilt patterns on each fingernail; sunset gradient designs provide another captivating option that brings Hawaii sunsets right onto your fingertips.


Utilizing cubist art’s geometric elements, this deconstructed French manicure takes its inspiration from Cubism art’s geometric principles by featuring colored tips that resemble arcs on each fingertip. It looks particularly striking when applied to oval, round, or almond shaped nails and using nail tape is essential to making this style work perfectly.

Block colors and squiggly lines define this minimalist look that pairs beautifully with neon and pastel nail polishes. A professional manicurist would be best equipped to manage this design; however, at-home nail wraps or gel kits may also work.

Arranging unique nail designs inspired by art is an exhilarating way to express yourself fashionably and culturally. Monet’s Water Lilies or Van Gogh’s Starry Night can all become stunning nail art designs!

Pastel Chevron

Pastels offer soothing colors to relax the eyes, adding feminine charm to any look. You could even combine pastel hues with chevron patterns for an unconventional take on classic style!

If you want to go bold, neon line designs can bring life and texture to any look. Experiment with stripes, checkered designs or even replicating the exotic appearance of zebra stripes for an eye-catching and exotic effect.

Add an eye-catching metallic polish and rhinestones to your chevron manicure to make an impressionful statement! Just be sure to protect it with a top coat to preserve its style for as long as possible; matte finishes may also look chic while being easy to maintain.

Nail Art Design Styles, Montreal Manicure
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