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Popular Manicure Designs For Your Nails

Popular Manicure Designs For Your Nails, Montreal Manicure

Popular Manicure Designs For Your Nails, Montreal Manicure

Your nails provide the perfect canvas for exploring various designs, but mastering this art form takes practice and patience.

Nail technicians possess the dexterity necessary to paint intricate designs onto nails, which have been highlighted by celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Marc Jacobs, and Dua Lipa.


The half-moon manicure extends the French tip by painting only the outer half of each nail (known as the lunula) a different hue than its base color, leaving the inner rim either unpolished or painted in clear polish.

This look offers an elegant alternative to the classic white manicure. If you like wearing lots of colors, consider trying a gradient half-moon for added color without looking messy. This technique lets you add pops of hue without being overwhelming or distracting.

Wearing this style correctly can bring an air of luxury to any look, while simultaneously being an easy entryway into manicure art. Plus, it is a fantastic way to show off those pearly whites! –By AnOther staffer Lucie Davies.


Gradient nails offer an expressive and stylish way to express yourself on your nails. By mixing different hues together, gradient nails create an appealing visual. Similar to ombre nail art but more versatile as it doesn’t limit itself to only certain color family, gradients allow for endless expression and personalization on nails.

Try a pastel gradient of blues, purples and pinks to re-create the look of sunset skies or opt for neon gradients for all of their vibrant shades without appearing overly flashy.

No matter the gradient you select, it is essential that your nails remain in good condition in order to prevent damage and keep the look consistent. Nail clippers, files and remover should all be utilized prior to painting the gradient of choice on them. Furthermore, regular cuticle moisturizer should help avoid dry out or tearout issues.

Retro swirls

Psychodelic swirls are an evolving nail art trend with strong 1970s vibes. While this psychedelic style works with any color palette, pastel tones really stand out!

Create this sophisticated manicure by starting with a neutral shade and layering bright pink swirls with subtle speckling for a dynamic yet timeless look, recommends Smith & Cult Nail Ambassador Jessica Tong-Ahn.

Swirl nails (commonly referred to as squiggle manicures) is a dotting technique involving creating intricate wavy lines on your nails using dots and dots alone. While gradients work better on longer nails, swirls work great for all lengths as well. Try them with light colors like baby blue or lavender; alternatively try metallic colors like silver or gold for something different!

Daisy French

Daisy nail designs are popular with those seeking to add a splash of nature into their French, color and ombre nails. They pair nicely with other floral trends such as flowery splatter or butterfly nail art and can even be painted freehand or using stamps and stickers – depending on the length and shape of your nails, you may see either more daisies than originally anticipated or smaller variations depending on how often they’re needed!

Daisy french nails are an adorable way to incorporate pastel shades into summer fashion, with their bright blooms looking great both on short coffin nails and longer square and stiletto nails. Plus, this retro and playful combination creates an instantly charming effect!

If you’re not quite ready to commit to full set of Daisy French manicures, why not start small and add just one daisy on one finger instead? This simple design looks especially striking on metallic manicures!


Checkerboard patterns consisting of alternate squares of two distinct colors are symbolic for many things; such as duality or good and evil. Checkerboard designs are frequently found on chess boards, classic New York City taxi cabs and race car flags – making this pattern of squares popular design feature in these places as well.

This manicure trend is perfect for bold women who appreciate vibrant hues and eye-catching designs. Use it to express a yin-yang theme, or incorporate other shapes like hearts.

To achieve this look, begin by painting your nails white and allowing them to dry completely. Next, paint one of your checkerboard colors onto the left side of each nail using a standard nail polish brush; when dry, switch up and paint another checkerboard color onto its right side – repeat for all nails!

Popular Manicure Designs For Your Nails, Montreal Manicure
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