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Pros of a Gel Manicure

Pros of a Gel Manicure, Montreal Manicure

Gel manicures are a popular salon service and last much longer than regular polish. Like regular manicures, gel manicures begin by having nails shaped and filed down before an experienced technician applies base coat, nail color and topcoat.

But are they safe? To find out, we consulted dermatologists and manicurists.


Gel nails provide long-term coverage without chipping quickly like regular polish can. Cured under a UV or LED light, gel manicures won’t come off until you choose to do it yourself and remove it yourself.

Not only is a structured gel manicure visually appealing, it can actually do wonders for your natural nails as well. By acting like a builder’s material and reinforcing them against everyday life’s wear-and-tear, structured gel manicures help your digits withstand daily life with more ease.

Structured gel manicures are also safe during pregnancy; just ensure your nail technician uses a non-melting product and that you use gloves during removal to avoid repeated exposure to UV rays, which could potentially cause nail aging, DNA damage and cancer2.2

No Chipping

Gel nail polish is more flexible than acrylics, making it less likely to catch on things and chip. But like regular nail polish, gel can still flake off if the manicure is done improperly – for instance if nails aren’t filed, there are nicks or flaky spots, or cuticle oil is not applied regularly enough.

Gel manicures expose hands to UV light during curing, which could result in premature skin aging around nails.2 Newer LED curing lamps claim to be safer; nonetheless it’s wise to wear sunscreen and limit exposure as much as possible.

Also, pregnant women may wish to avoid gel manicures because the curing process involves UV radiation exposure; certain medications (including antibiotics, oral contraceptives, cholesterol medication and some antidepressants ) can make people particularly sensitive to UV light3. It’s essential that cuticle oil be applied regularly to hydrate nails regularly during gestation.3

No Smudging

Gel nail polish requires UV (or LED) lighting in order to dry and be ready for use, preventing your nails from smudging when leaving the salon and providing flawless-looking polished nails.

Due to UV radiation exposure, there has been some concern that gel manicures could harm both nails and skin. However, research has not proven this claim; though some gel polishes contain potentially toxic substances like dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, and toluene which have carcinogenic and toxic components.

Back-to-back gel manicures may cause nails to become brittle and break easily, so it is advisable to allow a few days’ break between appointments so your natural nails can recover from each manicure treatment. By following these tips your gel manicure could last weeks longer; saving both money and time on trips out for professional manicures every few weeks!

No Drying Time

Gel nail polish requires UV light for drying, so manicure time is significantly decreased with this style of manicure compared to traditional nails. This can be particularly advantageous when you’re short on time!

Curing lamps emit UV rays that have been linked to premature aging and even skin cancer. Although new LED curing lamps claim to be safer, it’s wise to think carefully before getting a gel manicure done.

Due to their removal process, gel manicures require soaking your nails in pure acetone for the removal process, which may strip away natural oils that protect and strengthen them, leaving them looking weak and brittle. Therefore, cuticle oil should be applied after polish removal and regular manicure treatments should be scheduled in between gel sessions to keep nails strong and healthy. Overall though, gel manicures provide a quick way to make nails appear long and beautiful for two weeks; making it the ideal choice for people who regularly use their hands in work environments.

Pros of a Gel Manicure, Montreal Manicure
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