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Reverse French Manicure

Reverse French Manicure, Montreal Manicure

Reverse French manicures are an engaging and fashionable way to customize your nail game. This style can be made more unique with the addition of different colors, stencils and designs and looks fantastic on nails of all lengths.

Blake Lively was wearing an elegant 1960s-inspired chiffon Versace gown when her celebrity manicurist Elle Gerstein painted reverse French nails onto Lively with pastel shades to complete the effect.

Earthy Reverse Manicure

Reverse French manicures–in which the bottom part of your nails are painted darker while leaving the tips white–are one of the latest nail trends. Easy and fun, using binder reinforcement stickers as guides for shaping the lower third of each nail before painting over with dark hues–are becoming increasingly popular.

Create an earthy twist on a reverse manicure using this design inspired by Frida Kahlo, with daisies in an earthy color palette adding elegance while nodding towards her culture.

If you like the look of reverse French manicure but want something simpler, opt for this neutral style with beige base and white crescents. Perfect for any special event. Just don’t forget to seal in all your hard work with a clear top coat!

Love Heart Reverse Manicure

The love heart reverse manicure is a unique take on the classic French manicure. Instead of featuring its signature white stripes, this version boasts an adorable heart-shaped detail at its tip for added sentimentality – perfect for Valentine’s Day or any time you need to show some affection!

Take inspiration from nature with an earthy reverse French manicure! Create an organic feel by painting brown, green and beige shades around each nail in order to achieve this look. Add fun polka dots or stripes for added flair!

Change up your reverse French manicure by adding an eye-catching glitter cuff – this feminine touch will make you feel like royalty!

White Glazed Donut Reverse Manicure

This stunning white-and-pink manicure takes the inverted French manicure a step further with its striking combination of colors. A pale pink polish used to form the French cuff adds femininity while the bright white tips of nails draw everyone’s eye.

Hailey Bieber made the trend popular at the 2022 Met Gala when she and Zola Ganzorigt donned it, initially featuring soft white shades with minimal sheer. Since then, however, this viral look has taken on various colors.

For an elegant neutral touch, try this drugstore polish infused with argan oil that comes with a smooth formula made for healthy nails. Its creamy hue veers more towards classic white than usual while its subtle shimmer adds extra shine to your look. Alternatively, treat yourself to this lavish polish from the brand’s pro line that dries to an attractive chrome finish – an unforgettable finish indeed!

Two-Color Reverse Manicure

This trendy take on the reverse French manicure allows you to show off all of your favorite nail polish colors while making a striking statement on your nails. By painting each tip a different hue, an inverse rainbow effect emerges on each nail – giving the appearance of rainbow nails! This manicure makes a bold statement while showing off some of your favorites shades!

If you’re searching for something different to try, these adorable and creative French manicure trends could be just what’s needed to add a spark of flair to your nails. While classic French manicures will remain in fashion, more vibrant and eye-catching designs may add flair. When removing these types of manicures be careful as some require the use of acetone which could damage natural nails if done improperly; ensure to soak nails properly beforehand before applying a top coat or top coat after the polish has fully set before adding another.

Reverse French Manicure, Montreal Manicure
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