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Russian Manicure Also Known As a Dry Manicure

Russian Manicure Also Known As a Dry Manicure, Montreal Manicure

When done right, this luxurious nail treatment is widely lauded for its long-term finish and precision cuticle work – yet its success requires extensive training.

Russian Manicures differ from traditional manicures by not submerging nails in water; rather, technicians use electric files to open up eponychium pockets and clean away dead skin from underneath your nails.

What is a Russian Manicure?

Though DIY Russian manicure tutorials abound online, experts advise against trying it on their own. When done improperly or using inferior tools, performing this technique could cause lasting dampness around the nail matrix and eponychium (the cuticle that protects from bacteria and dirt), increasing your risk of infection and nail damage.

Instead of soaking nails in water or solution and pushing back cuticles manually, your technician utilizes an electric nail drill to clean the nail bed before gently pushing back eponychium with an e-file headpiece – this creates a cleaner manicure while making polish application simpler.

With special attention paid to cuticle care, Russian manicures are among the most stunning and long-lasting manicures available. Although the five-step process usually costs more than traditional manis, its picture-perfect result will last up to three weeks (though any additional nail art or gel polish could increase its cost).


Russian manicures are one of the most effective and precise nail treatments available. Also known as dry manicures, this technique relies on electronic files similar to what’s used to remove acrylic nails to gently shape and trim nails while also eliminating excess skin for one of the most natural-looking polish jobs available at salons.

Kon and Kandalec caution against performing this manicure at home due to improper cuticle removal techniques, which could potentially cause lasting damage to nail matrix and eponychium structures and potentially lead to permanent disfigurement. Furthermore, having the appropriate tools is key.

To successfully perform a Russian manicure, you’ll require an e-file with various bits to suit the specific needs of your nails and nail bed. Our 4-sided buffer nail block is also great for eliminating ridges or imperfections for an ideal, professional finish.

Cuticle Removal

While DIY Russian Manicure tutorials may be found online, doing it yourself poses significant risks, including cutting too much skin off, damaging nails or possibly getting an infection. Professional training should always be sought to complete this procedure successfully.

Gilded Ritual’s Baichimirova instructs each of her nail technicians in the proper techniques and tools needed for a Russian manicure, such as using an e-file headpiece instead of regular nail nippers to ensure more control and reduce chances of accidentally nicking the cuticle (a common cause of hangnails and dry, cracked skin around their nails).

She warns that overtly manipulating cuticles may result in them losing their protective barrier, increasing your risk of infections. Furthermore, she emphasizes the use of cuticle oil to keep nails and cuticles hydrated and protected.


Nail technicians use electric files during the polishing process to remove extra skin around your nails for a clean trim that will extend the longevity of the polish. This helps ensure lasting coverage.

Since Kendall Jenner started featuring this trend on Instagram, salons have seen an upswing in clients wanting this ultra-neat look. Before diving in head first however, be sure to consult a certified nail technician with sterilization equipment who has expertise.

Russian Manicure requires special training, precise execution and dedicated time in order to be completed correctly. Otherwise it could damage your nails and lead to inflammation; moreover, the cuticle serves as your body’s defence against infection; therefore it’s vital that before going in for one you conduct some research about their e-filer training and sterilization processes at their salon.

Russian Manicure Also Known As a Dry Manicure, Montreal Manicure
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