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Russian Manicure Salon Deauville

Russian Manicure Salon Deauville, Montreal Manicure

Russian Manicure Salon Deauville, Montreal Manicure

At this Unisex Hair Salon we provide an array of beauty services and treatments. Open from Tuesday to Saturday.

Russian manicure is a five step process that focuses on cuticle health. While other nail techniques place emphasis on color, length, and shape alone, Russian manicure takes your overall nail health into consideration – producing beautiful yet long-term manicures.

What is a Russian Manicure?

If you enjoy nail TikTok trends or Instagram nail art, or simply have stunning nails that you want to keep looking their best, chances are you have come across Russian manicure. This innovative salon trend offers a clean and sleek appearance while exfoliating cuticles and stimulating healthier nail growth.

Contrary to traditional manicures that involve soaking the nails in water before pushing back cuticles and trimming them back, Russian manicures use an electric file similar to what would be used when installing acrylic nails to open up eponychium, or thin layer of skin surrounding the nail bed.

An important step of any Russian manicure, improper application can expose underlying layers of skin to infection and cause permanent damage – this is why at Gilded Ritual all manicurists receive training under Baichimirova herself for proper execution of this method of manicure application.

How Does a Russian Manicure Work?

Instead of the traditional manicure that involves water-soaking techniques and cuticle nippers, this form of manicuring utilizes an electronic file (similar to what’s used for acrylic nails) along with nail drills in order to properly clean and remove excess skin surrounding nails. Also referred to as e-file manicure.

Not only is this trend beautiful, it offers benefits that make it an excellent way to enhance nail health. “The Russian technique was specifically created to optimize nail wellbeing for all nails — including those with brittleness, hangnails or thin nail plates,” according to Emma Eskander, salon director of Gilded Ritual.

If you decide to undergo a Russian manicure, be prepared to spend longer in the salon chair; it is one of the more complex and in-depth options available. Only trained professionals should perform it to ensure your nails remain healthy and safe, just as any treatment requires finding an establishment with stringent infection control protocols and an atmosphere free of germs and bacteria.

What Are the Added Benefits of a Russian Manicure?

Russian manicures offer more than just beauty; they may also aid nail health by working on cuticles and applying polish underneath it, slowing nail growth and preventing hangnails.

As opposed to the more conventional manicure, which involves soaking nails before pushing back the cuticles, this dry technique involves no acetone and therefore causes less harm on both nails and surrounding skin.

Nail technicians offering this form of manicure should be well trained in e-file techniques and work out of salons that properly sterilize their tools to avoid damaging cuticles or nails while possibly introducing bacteria that cause infections.

How Much Does a Russian Manicure Cost?

Russian Manicure treatments require more time and focus more heavily on nail health, so expect to pay more than for regular manicures. Estimate your budget at between $70-$120 depending on whether or not nail art will be included as part of this treatment.

However, investing in this splurge may be worth your while given its long-lasting results – less frequent salon trips and money saved!

Be sure to visit a salon with trained nail technicians equipped with sterilizing equipment when looking for this trending manicure! DIY attempts could damage both cuticle and nails and cause infection; other problems may include pain, itching, water blisters, redness, weeping and weeping infections if attempted at home. So for optimal results visit only salons that specialize in this practice! Happy nails!

Russian Manicure Salon Deauville, Montreal Manicure
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