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Shellac Manicure Benefits

Shellac Manicure Benefits, Montreal Manicure

Shellac manicures can be an excellent option for clients seeking long-lasting nail polish that looks natural. By informing them about all their available nail polish options and their respective advantages and disadvantages, educating your client can help them make an informed decision regarding which manicure they would like.


Shellac manicures offer long-term protection, with proper application from trained professionals lasting two weeks or longer without chipping or peeling.

Shellac manicures are ideal for busy women looking for an eye-catching manicure with minimal upkeep required. To prolong the lifespan of their Shellac manicure, simply apply a clear top coat at home and keep nails moisturized throughout the day with hand cream containing hydrating hyaluronic acid (Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hand Gel Cream available from CVS; $8.79), followed by applying an intensive cuticle oil like Essie Apricot Nail & Cuticle Conditioning Care Oil from Ulta (Buy from Ulta; $11). This will prevent dry and brittleness of nails in addition to prolonging its wearability!

Shellac nail treatments remain one of the most sought-after nail care treatments on the market, making it one of the best trends. Unlike acrylics which can damage natural nails over time, Shellac provides an effective yet safe option that leaves nails looking polished without feeling fake.

No Drying Time

Shellac manicures typically last at least two weeks with minimal upkeep needed, according to Seney. “Nails remain healthy, hydrated and glossy while being protected from environmental toxins, pollution and UV rays that can harm them.” Furthermore, shellac can protect weak or brittle nails when properly applied and removed at a salon; cuticle oil application regularly can also contribute to maintaining nail health.

Shellac nail polish comes in an assortment of colors and finishes to suit each client’s aesthetic preferences and suit their personal style. Ranging from ombre effects and glitter designs to sculpted nail art pieces with gems or stickers embedded, the options for custom nail art creation with Shellac are truly endless! Additionally, their long-term application reduces touch ups/reapplication needs saving both time and money for clients.

No Roughing of the Nail Bed

Shellac manicures are known for being low-impact treatments, meaning that they don’t cause as much damage to natural nails as other forms of nail polish and gels. To ensure optimal results with Shellac, make sure that it is applied and removed correctly by an accredited CND nail professional.

DiLullo states that Shellac’s breathable layers allow moisture and hydration to enter, providing nourishment to dry or damaged nails. This can be particularly helpful if they have severe chipped surfaces.

Additionally, since LED lamps provide fast curing of manicures, no need is wasted waiting around while your nails dry – saving time in an already hectic day and allowing you to return to tasks without fear of smudging!

Safety Concerns

Shellac is durable and breathable, meaning as long as it’s applied and removed by a trained technician it won’t harm nails. Nail health experts do advise prioritizing skin and nail health by wearing gloves when undertaking tasks or handling household chemicals to maximize effectiveness of application and removal of Shellac.

Avoid picking at your nails and scrubbing or sanding while they are coated, which can cause the polish to lift and damage them further. Furthermore, avoiding direct contact with acetone outside of the removal process will extend the lifespan of your manicure.

Overall, shellac manicures are an ideal solution for those who seek long-lasting high-shine looks that won’t chip throughout the week. Thanks to its durability and quick curing time, it allows busy lifestyles to focus on work or play without fearing smudges or chipping of their manicure. Furthermore, this treatment doesn’t require dry time afterwards so you can return straight back into life after seeing your manicurist!

Shellac Manicure Benefits, Montreal Manicure
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