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Shellac Pedicure Near Me

Shellac Pedicure Near Me, Montreal Manicure

Shellac nail polish is like the child of gel and regular polish; long-wearing yet easy to remove, making it one of the hottest manicure styles of recent times.

To achieve the most durable and stylish Shellac manicure possible, follow these tips:

What is Shellac?

Shellac, developed and patented by CND, is an in-salon nail polish designed to last longer and be easier to remove than traditional manis.

Dunne recommends taking steps at home to keep nails healthy after receiving Shellac manicures to keep brittleness at bay and maintain strong, long nails. She suggests regularly applying cuticle oil and hand moisturizer to the cuticles and hands as well as regularly applying cuticle oil or hand moisturizer for cuticle health.

Shellac is produced from resin produced by lac bugs (Laccifer lacca). They infest trees to secrete this resin which can then be processed into nail polish. However, it has also been used in food glaze, furniture finish and hair spray products and even as binder material in making gramophone records!

How it is applied

Shellac nails should not cause harm to your natural nail beds when applied and removed by an experienced CND Shellac technician, however if your nails are being picked at or peeled off often it could damage their strong layers and accelerate their breakdown prematurely.

Applying acrylic nail polish is similar to applying gel, and should be cured under UV lights. As soon as your appointment arrives, avoid applying products which add moisture or oils directly prior to your appointment.

Removal is quick and painless with gel nail polish; no scraping or soaking are required like with traditional nail polishes! Simply put, it is the ideal combination of traditional and gel nail polish!

How it is removed

Shellac manicures can last an incredible length of time; improper removal may damage natural nails. That is why having a trained nail technician remove your Shellac is highly recommended (you should never attempt to take off your manicure yourself!).

Soak a cotton pad in any brand of acetone (although products designed specifically to treat nails and cuticles will likely be less harsh on your skin), press it against each nail, wrap a square of foil around each finger to maintain contact between pad and nail and leave for 10 minutes before checking again.

Scrape away polish with an orange wood stick and rinse your nails and cuticles thoroughly to remove any leftover acetone residue. Apply lotion or cuticle oil as necessary to rehydrate your nails and cuticles if required.

Lasts for 14 days

Shellac nail polish may only last around two weeks compared to three, yet still provides superior wear resistance compared to regular nail polish.

Your Shellac manicure can last longer with just a few simple tips: hydrating regularly with lotion, wearing gloves when cleaning or working outside, and limiting sun exposure are all great ways to ensure healthy and strong nails.

Additionally, be sure to visit a CND certified nail professional as they know exactly how to apply and remove Shellac without damaging your natural nails – overuse of Shellac could potentially do just that!

Requires a professional

Shellac requires the expertise and certification of CND nail professionals in order to apply, remove and maintain it correctly. CND nail professionals understand how best to preserve the integrity of natural nails while providing you with a stunning manicure lasting 14 days.

Shellac differs from gel polish in that it doesn’t require base coat, buffing or dehydration prior to application; neither does it need curing under UV or LED lights. Nail techs typically use different removers when using both types of polish; making the experience less damaging.

Price for a Shellac manicure may depend on your salon of choice and any extra components such as nail art. A typical service generally falls between $30-60; to find nearby salons offering Shellac, use Booksy search.

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