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Spa Manicure and Pedicure

Spa Manicure and Pedicure, Montreal Manicure

Regular pedicures at a nail bar to maintain healthy feet is a great way to stay on top of things and Spa Pedicures take this experience one step further with luxurious foot care treatments and pampering treatments.

An average Spa manicure and pedicure begins by soaking feet in products to soften them, followed by massage and exfoliation of the feet.

Nail Care

An elegant spa pedicure begins with an aromatic bath salts soak in warm water containing aromatic bath salts, flower petals or oils, designed to soften skin and eliminate germs. After this treatment is over, a foot and leg massage follows which includes filing and shaping nails followed by pushing back cuticles before buffing for a healthy shine finish.

Regular manicures and pedicures can help ensure nail health, keeping nails moisturized while stimulating new cell production – something especially vital as our hands and feet are exposed to dirt and bacteria throughout their daily activities. Furthermore, many treatments include an optional hand and foot massage to promote relaxation during treatment sessions.

Cuticle Care

As part of the soaking process, technicians may also exfoliate and massage both feet and hands, depending on the type of pedicure being performed. Depending on its design, scrubs may be included to nourished the skin, improve circulation, reduce calluses and moisturize nails.

Once all nourishing steps have been completed, the technician will file and shape the nails. They may also buff them to create shine; using a crystal nail file rather than an emery board as this less abrasive method helps avoid thin or brittle nails from developing.

Manicurists will also focus on caring for cuticles by pushing them back and extracting any hangnails, using non-aggressive cuticle remover, then applying moisturizing creams that keep the cuticles soft and healthy.


Pedicures can help soften rough patches of skin on the feet caused by wearing improper fitting shoes or walking barefoot for extended periods, which may become calluses that become painful if left untreated. Pedicures remove these calluses as well as buff and moisturize the feet before trimming and shaping toenails to give an amazing experience!

Regular pedicures can reduce the chances of nail fungus while strengthening and improving health of nails. Plus, nail technicians offer massage services which promote blood circulation as well as relieve tension in arms, hands and lower legs.

Spa pedicures typically include additional treatments like salt scrubs, masks, and paraffin dips to soothe and hydrate the feet and toes’ skin while simultaneously eliminating bacteria, relieving pain, softening hard skin and softening hard skin.


Spa pedicures offer deeper cleaning and nourishment of the feet than basic salon manicure/pedicure services. Each visit to a spa pedicure chair is professionally cleaned using disinfectant before each customer comes in, while its technician uses gloves throughout treatment process.

After receiving cuticle care, toenail shaping, and polish application services, a foot massage using a hydrating product may also be included as part of this service. A paraffin wax dip can further hydrate skin on feet.

Many people use pedicures as a form of therapy to address foot fungus, odor and dryness issues. Regular pedicures performed by professional nail technicians also aid in improving circulation – helping prevent atherosclerosis from hardening of the arteries – while the soak and exfoliation processes help ease tension caused by long periods of standing.

Paraffin Wax

A paraffin wax treatment is an invaluable component of any Spa Manicure or Pedicure service, offering relief for dry skin. Relax as this soothing treatment leaves hands and feet silky-smooth.

After softening cuticles and nails, your therapist will apply a rich moisturizing cream for hands and fingers. Finally, nails will be trimmed, filed into shape, and then buffing to give them an attractive shine.

Customers are then immersed in a warm bath of paraffin wax that has been preheated to melt oil and butter into it, then remove their hand from the paraffin when cool and repeat the process 4-6 times to cover their hands with rich oils dissolved within.

Spa Manicure and Pedicure, Montreal Manicure
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