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The Benefits of a Poly Gel Manicure

The Benefits of a Poly Gel Manicure, Montreal Manicure

Polygel nails are similar to acrylic, but the manicure lasts much longer without needing removal or acetone soaks for removal.

Polygel is a tube-shaped product used with dual forms to sculpt the length and shape of nails, according to Lim. She employs a brush dipped in isopropyl alcohol for smoothing it over.

Why We Love It

Polygel’s primary benefit lies in its invisibility; it won’t damage natural nails unless filed or buffed too aggressively. But to maximize effectiveness it is vital to visit an experienced nail technician who knows how to apply this product properly.

Poly gel, unlike acrylics, does not rely on monomer chemicals and dust for application; rather it comes in the form of a toothpaste-style tube and can be easily spread across nails using a brush and isopropyl alcohol. Once formed into shape under light curing conditions, your nail technician can move onto color application.

Polygel features a putty-like consistency, making it easier for beginner nail technicians to use than traditional acrylics. Kandalec says dip powder can be similar, yet doesn’t allow you to form new mail length or shapes like poly gel does, and removal may be challenging. In comparison, Poly gel requires significantly less acetone than traditional acrylics and can even be removed with just one soak session.

It’s Safe

Poly gel Manicures should not cause more harm to your nails than any other form of nail enhancement; however, any product used on them must be safe and free of harmful ingredients like MMA (methyl methacrylate), which has been known to cause skin damage in some people.

Polygel offers an easier alternative to acrylics and regular gel, which require considerable hand manipulation when applying and curing, thanks to its putty-like consistency that doesn’t shift around on your nail once placed – perfect for beginners looking to learn how to sculpt their own nails!

To apply a Polygel manicure, your nail technician will first ensure your natural nails are clean and free from polish. Next, they’ll use a brush dampened with isopropyl alcohol to spread Polygel formula on each of your nails before using a mold to achieve the length and shape of your choice.

It’s Long-Lasting

Polygel nail polish provides the ideal hybrid nail polish solution, offering both the strength of acrylics and gel-like finishes for nail technicians looking for something lightweight yet powerful to create beautiful looks on their clients’ nails. It allows them to craft their desired style while offering something lighter on the nail bed.

Your nail technician will start by prepping the nail bed by pushing back cuticles and extracting any oil build-up, before filing down your nails to smooth away snags or bumps before starting work on Polygel applications.

Next, a bead of gel will be applied to each nail and shaped into its desired form before being exposed to either LED or UV lighting in order to cure.

After buffing and wiping down with a lint-free wipe that has been dampened with nail surface cleaner, your nails will be prepped for topcoat application by being buffed and wiped down using gel nail application and curing for 30-60 seconds afterward – before your manicure is completed!

It’s Easy to Remove

Polygel nails are a hybrid between acrylic and gel enhancements, offering greater flexibility than their counterparts while requiring significantly less curing time. Furthermore, these innovative nails don’t crack, chip, or peel like traditional polishes do!

Polygel manicures performed by experienced nail technicians are non-damaging to natural nails and even help grow them, according to Kandalec.

She advises getting Polygel nails filled every three to four weeks as part of an ongoing maintenance regimen, trimming, filing and then soaking in acetone to extract bulk of product from nails.

Idehen uses an e-file, buffing away material until a thin layer is created, followed by hand filing with 180-grit file to file any remaining layers by hand. This allows her complete control of nail pressure and movement and reduces risk to natural nail beds. After removal, she recommends applying lotion and cuticle oil in order to rehydrate both nail plate and skin.

The Benefits of a Poly Gel Manicure, Montreal Manicure
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