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Top Manicure Designs

Top Manicure Designs, Montreal Manicure

Top Manicure Designs, Montreal Manicure

Manicures have quickly become one of the beauty industry’s hottest trends. Legend is renowned for her work with Kylie Jenner and Cardi B, while Mei Kawajiri is responsible for Zoe Kravitz and Florence Pugh among many other high-profile clients, while salons such as DryBy (responsible for Duchess of Sussex’s wedding nails) and WAH nails in Dalston have taken manicure to another level entirely.

Pink and White Marble Manicure

Pink and white marble nails are an adorable design suitable for all nail lengths. Choose between classic French manicure or an ombre effect with light pink base color that fades to white over time.

Consider opting for the dark green marble look – perfect for autumn! This trend-setting color combination looks great on almond and coffin-shaped nails alike.

Tip for creating water marble nail designs: use regular rather than gel nail polish as it will float better in water than its counterpart. Gel nail polish tends to be thicker and may sink faster into it than regular polish does.

Gold Leaf Manicure

Gold Leaf nail art can add an elegant touch to your look. To achieve it, start by painting a light coat of clear polish on each nail and waiting until it dries slightly before applying thin pieces of gold foil on top of it still-wet polish.

Navy blue nails with gold accents create a sophisticated and eye-catching combination, ideal for pairing with any ensemble. Furthermore, this hue works beautifully when paired with negative space designs like this set with delicate pink flames on every other nail and dark blue lines on the ring finger and thumb – creating an eye-catching combination which looks beautiful when worn together!

Christmas-Themed Nude Manicure

Christmas can be an exciting time to experiment with your nail art! Choose between classic reds and greens or more intricate options such as brown tones and nude and white pairings for those seeking an understated appearance.

Ornaments, tinsel and snowflakes are great ways to add festive flare to any manicure, as they make them appear festive. Another fun design option is adding dots over neutral colors like this gold-dot manicure with nude base; this design can add sparkle while fitting any nail length or shape perfectly!

Gold Dots Manicure

If the idea of a traditional marble mani is too dull for you, take your look one step further with this gold-dotted manicure! Each nail features its own set of unique dots for an individual touch.

This New Year’s Eve manicure features stars as a symbol of hope and aspiration. Nail this unique design to help motivate yourself through the coming year.

If block colors feel too stark for you, try opting for a nude base with gold glitter – the finess glitter works best – instead. Your nails will still get that ombre look without feeling overwhelming; additionally, its varied sizes add unique character.

Black and White Minimalist Manicure

Minimalist nail art may appear simple at first, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Negative space, geometric lines and even dots can add flair and dimension to a traditional manicure design.

If you want a sleek, simple manicure without spending hours perfecting one, give this milky manicure a try. With its matte base and intricate pattern of tiny gold dots on each nail, this look exudes chic sophistication without taking up too much of your time or space!

Black nails have quickly become the go-to choice for women who seek to express themselves with unusual drawings on their manicure. This sophisticated yet unusual style will surely catch people’s attention and draw comments from friends and acquaintances.

Chrome Floral Manicure

Enjoy a chic take on chrome nails with this floral-themed manicure that’s ideal for special events or everyday wear. It makes a statement-making impression.

Dua Lipa’s stunning gold chrome mani is proof that golden tinted chrome nails can also make an impactful statement and easily fit into her classic yet contemporary aesthetic.

Bring the allure of precious gemstones into your nail art with these mesmerizing chrome pink and orange nails. Their stunning combination of delicate pastel shades with vibrant rainbow accents create an eye-catching effect sure to make an impactful statement!

Top Manicure Designs, Montreal Manicure
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