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Top Manicure Ideas For Every Occasion

Top Manicure Ideas For Every Occasion, Montreal Manicure

An annual manicure can help keep nails and cuticles in tiptop condition while providing you with an opportunity to explore new colors and nail art trends.

Instagram nail artists regularly post stunning designs that provide ample manicure ideas; similarly, respected polish brands are constantly offering new colors. There is certainly no lack of creative manicure concepts to consider!

Cherry Red

Red nails are an evergreen fashion classic, especially when combined with subtle cherry accents. Try press-on nails in coffin shape to keep this trend feeling modern and effortless.

Add some sparkle with red rhinestones for an unexpected twist to any festive ensemble – it will look fantastic.

Kawaii-style nails are currently trending, and cherries make for the ideal accent to a classic French tip manicure. Finish it off quickly and effortlessly by using nail stickers.

Forest Green

Forest green nail art adds a natural aesthetic to your look, whether with intricate floral designs or geometric shapes. This color works beautifully for any stylish manicure.

Add an earthy elegance to your style with a chic French manicure featuring tips dipped in forest green – ideal for girls’ brunch or weekend getaway!

Solid Mani

Unleash your inner girly-girl with a stylish solid mani in vibrant hues such as yellow or pink, then create an eye-catching negative space design using rainbow polka dots for an eye-catching pop of color that’s sure to draw compliments!

Nunez notes that unlike gel manicures, this manicure has minimal effects on nail health; however, she notes that its pigments might stain nails slightly after removal. You can help avoid this by soaking your nails with acetone beforehand to ease their removal.


Pink nails are timeless classics, and this manicure idea is both simple and beautiful. Light pink nails topped with heart sequins create an eye-catching Valentine’s Day-ready look that you can buy online to recreate at home.

Add an aquatic touch to your nails with this shimmery nail polish from OPI. The subtle pink shade works beautifully against its reflective top coat.

Diagonal Tip

An elegant way to upgrade your French manicure, diagonal tips can add an eye-catching element. They look just as classy in solid hues or metallic shimmer finishes.

Tired of white French tips? Why not swap them out for black ones for something both subtle and striking in 2023? Black French tips will certainly turn heads this year!


Rhinestones and gems add an eye-catching shimmer to any manicure design, especially soft colors such as this light pink design with rhinestones.

YouCam Nails makes it simple to achieve a similar manicure by adding gems onto a black base with its Jewels feature. Simply tap each nail to customize its style and size of gemstones; even multiple styles can be applied simultaneously for an eye-catching result!


Make the look more striking by varying the colors of each flower and adding some rhinestones for extra glitz and shimmer.

Enhance a floral nail art design with this blue manicure featuring a checkered pattern and delicate flowers – the ideal look to bring with you when traveling abroad and draw inspiration from your surroundings! It makes an eye-catching statement!


Hearts make for an excellent Valentine’s Day or anytime nail design, whether subtle or more striking. Choose between subtle white and pink designs or add one as an accent nail for an eye-catching, feminine touch.

Reverse French tips with cute rainbow patterns or adding glittery rhinestone hearts for a glamorous touch can look stunning on matte pink manicures. Even one gold-glazed heart on an otherwise solid color manicure looks fabulous.

Neutral Tones

Neutral tones are essential in any polish collection and suitable for every occasion. Try this chic look featuring a taupe love heart on the middle finger and branch and leaf details on both the thumb and ring fingers for a unique design!

Add some flair to your classic French manicure with this look, using white lines to outline the tips instead of filling it completely for a fresh, sophisticated finish.

Starry Sky

Night sky nail art is a trendy yet elegant design that symbolizes dreams and hope. Its neutral colors make this manicure suitable all year long.

Try this exquisite manicure idea that features black and star patterns on one nail and shimmery clear polish for the rest, creating an eye-catching shimmer effect – it is ideal for special events!

Top Manicure Ideas For Every Occasion, Montreal Manicure
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