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Types of Manicure Services

Types of Manicure Services, Montreal Manicure

Manicures are popular salon treatments designed to hydrate nails, hands and cuticles. There are various variations available including basic, gel, shellac, acrylic dip powder (SNS) or sculpted manicures.

As with anything, manicure services offer many choices and upgrades; from choosing a polish color to adding paraffin wax treatments as upgrades. Let’s explore all of our options so that we can select one that best meets our needs.

Basic Manicure

Women seeking to keep their nails protected, healthy and ready for everyday wear will find that a basic manicure is an ideal way to ensure they remain ready. This process includes soaking, filing, shaping, cuticle maintenance, base coat application and two layers of polish that is then sealed off with top coat.

This type of manicure, commonly referred to as a standard or natural nail manicure, typically costs $30. A deluxe version may include hand massage and extra nail art design.

For this manicure, paraffin wax is applied directly over hands to provide instant moisture. This look resembles that of classic French manicure but with darker tips. This application lasts about one week before needing to be removed with regular nail polish remover.

Gel Manicure

Gel manicures use a special type of polish that can only be set under UV or LED nail lamps, creating a long-lasting manicure that resists chips and smudges better than regular polish does.

This manicure does not involve applying acrylic nails or tips; rather, it uses base coat, gel polish and top coat on natural nails only. Applying this requires more skill and is likely more costly.

Though this type of manicure exposes nails to high amounts of UV radiation, there is no evidence to support its increased risk of cancer or damage to natural nails. However, improper removal could result in thin or damaged nails due to not soaking thoroughly beforehand.

Acrylic Manicure

Acrylic nails are artificial nails applied directly onto natural nails for use as fake ones, usually to alter the shape or length of existing nails, or add nail art. Nail services often include this service.

A technician typically uses liquid monomer and powder polymer to mix a gummy paste that will then be applied onto your nails using glue. A plastic tip is then attached using additional glue in order to extend and enhance their natural look.

An acrylic manicure typically lasts six to eight weeks and must be filled every two or three weeks (depending on nail growth). Due to the presence of strong fumes during this service, proper ventilation must be available when receiving this service if you wish to avoid damaging natural nails in any way.

Shellac Manicure

Shellac nails combine gel and regular nail polish into one application that requires three coats: base coat, color layers and top coat – then curing under an UV light.

As with gel manicures, shellac manicures offer glossy shine that lasts several weeks without chipping or flaking. Shellac shades range from vibrant glittery shades to more subdued pastels and neutrals for optimal results.

Dunne emphasizes the risk of frequent shellac manicures without appropriate removal as being detrimental to natural nails, yet she recommends at Atelier Emmanuel that clients wear gloves while engaging in manual tasks (washing dishes, scrubbing floors etc) and take extra care in removing shellac correctly.

That means soaking and filing rather than harsh scraping. She recommends using an acetone nail polish remover that is gentle on the nails.

Nail Art

Nail art is an enjoyable form of creativity that allows individuals to bring miniature works of art onto their nails. Ranging from intricate details to floral motifs, there is sure to be an artistic design perfect for everyone’s taste in nail art designs.

French manicures are a timeless classic, using one color in the half-moon area at the base of each nail and another across its entirety. This classic technique adds color without looking overdone!

Manicures have become an indispensable accessory for women. From runway shows to red carpet events, stylishly-designed nails are a necessity in fashion circles. Looking to learn how to express yourself through nail art? Consider earning either an associate or bachelor’s degree in cosmetology from Paul Mitchell The School.

Types of Manicure Services, Montreal Manicure
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