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Types of Manicure Shapes

Types of Manicure Shapes, Montreal Manicure

Types of Manicure Shapes, Montreal Manicure

Manicure is one of the easiest and best ways to keep your nails looking their best, but selecting an ideal shape may prove challenging.

To help ensure a perfect manicure every time, we consulted experts about the ideal types of nail shapes. Read on for their invaluable advice!


The oval nail shape is an evergreen classic that works on nails of all lengths. With straight sides that taper into a soft semi circle, this style makes wide fingers appear slimmer while short nails appear longer. Kylie Jenner frequently sports this shape while it remains popular among women who like bold nail art or feminine pastel hues.

An alternative to the oval manicure shape, squoval manicures feature rounded edges closer to square shapes for an elegant yet versatile look.

The rounded corners of this style make it suitable for people who frequently use their hands, who wish to avoid breakage due to harsh, sharp nails. Furthermore, this style’s non-catching corners also lend itself well to creating colorful nail art designs without getting caught on clothing too easily. According to nail expert and founder of nontoxic polish brand sundays Amy Ling, you can achieve this manicure shape at home by filing your nails into an oval shape with rounded tips and filing them down slightly oval in shape.


Square nails feature flat tops with sharp corners, making them the ideal way to elongate thin fingers while looking great on short nails. However, squares may not be practical when it comes to wearing nail art and engaging in everyday activities.

People with skinny fingernails might benefit from trying rounded nails that mimic the shape of their fingertips. Not only are these great for creating an understated classic aesthetic, they’re easy to keep neat and tidy with just some care.

Another popular nail shape is the squoval, a combination of square and oval shapes with straight free edges and rounded corners, making them versatile enough to suit many styles. A more dramatic choice would be coffin nails that resemble ballerina pointe shoes; these narrower than square nails make a striking impression and flattering on all hand types.


Go bold for an evening out with friends or a potential date by wearing red coffin nails. While this nail shape often looks strong and edgy, to balance its strength with more feminine hues such as light pink shade you should use base color like light pink as your foundation color.

Nail art can look incredible on this manicure shape; try decorating your nails with miniature pumpkins and ghosts to commemorate Halloween, or opt for more subtle options by painting just one feature nail or painting only its tips for an understated approach.

This chic manicure shape lends itself well to the on-trend ombre look, as it gradually blends two hues–usually lighter and darker–together. Add neon accents for a fun summery flair! Just ensure to use safe polish that will not chip easily and apply with a small amount of topcoat for maximum longevity.


No matter your personal style, there are many ways you can take your nails beyond classic or artistic with nail art. When selecting your nails, remember that their shape should complement and enhance your beauty; trends may come and go but their shape remains key in your daily beauty regimen.

Influencers and celebrities alike are championing more nontraditional nail shapes. From Kylie Jenner’s lipstick-shaped nails to coffin/ballerina ones that have become the latest trend, these top-trending manicure shapes will elevate any look while setting you apart from others in a room.

Types of Manicure Shapes, Montreal Manicure
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