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Types of Manicure Shapes

Types of Manicure Shapes, Montreal Manicure

There are countless different manicure shapes to request of your nail technician, and this guide presents all your options to help select the ideal style.

Almond and oval nail shapes make an excellent way to lengthen short fingers and improve their appearance, adding length while looking fantastic with classic French manicures.

Square Oval

Squared nails may seem harsh; however, if you like their strength but are concerned about how they look on your hands (or simply want something classic), softening their corners with rounding can soften and soften the square shape, creating more feminine nails that work great with natural or fake nail designs.

The oval is an iconic manicure shape and can be worn on either short or long nails, similar to its counterpart the almond but with longer fingers. To achieve it, file your nail diagonally into an egg-like shape while gently indenting on both sides as recommended by Amy Ling of nontoxic nail company Sundays – although be wary not to over-file, as overdoing it could damage your nails weaken.


Almond, oval and square nails may have had their moment in the sun but coffin-shaped nails remain an ongoing manicure trend. Also dubbed ballerina nails, this tapered nail shape resembling stiletto heels features a squared-off tip like those found on ballet shoes for added flare.

These nails are an ideal solution for those with short chubby fingers as they elongate the length and make them appear slimmer. Furthermore, their length enables a variety of stunning nail art designs like floral, fruity, geometric patterns as well as glitter or rhinestones to be showcased on them.

Create a captivating look using color-blocking techniques such as Kylie Jenner’s tie-dye coffin nails to stand out, or go for subtler yet more refined designs like French tips.


Almond nail shapes are an indispensable beauty staple, often worn with classic French tips. However, their wide surface area also makes for great creative nail art creation opportunities!

Nude nails can be given an elegant flair with an addition of crystals for an added touch of luxury, while black polish looks especially striking when applied to almond-shaped nails, creating even greater length. Purple-hued polish also works beautifully as it complements both light and dark skin tones as well as offering versatile styles ranging from chic to playful.

Make elongated almond nails pop with an eye-catching geometric design or opt for floral print as it’s the perfect spring look! For an eye-catching manicure, a geometric design in stark black and white can make them stand out even further. Or why not go for floral prints as another stunning spring option?


Nail shapes today offer more variety than ever; everything from coffin nails and ballerina shapes to squared ones can now be found.

Square round nails feature straight edges with slightly rounded tips, offering an alternative option for those who appreciate the aesthetic of square nails but prefer something softer.

Smoother nails can also help those looking to add length without compromising durability, as their lack of sharp corners means less risk of breakage.


Squoval nails, a hybrid between square and oval shapes, feature predominantly square forms with rounded corners for an aesthetically pleasing in-between nail shape that suits everyone.

To create oval nails, start by filing down square nails until they become oval-shaped at their free edge using your nail file. Be mindful that you don’t remove too much sidewall material as doing so could result in weakened nails.

Squoval nails may have recently gained in popularity, but nail professionals expect them to remain classics. According to Juanita Huber-Millet of Townhouse nail bar in London, their delicate yet flattering shape works with any aesthetic and “makes a statement without being overwhelming”. Additionally, unlike long lipstick nails that can break easily or catch on things easily if they catch anything, these cute nails make a much simpler yet easier maintenance solution – not forgetting being super cute too.

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