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Types of Manicure Shapes

Types of Manicure Shapes, Montreal Manicure

Learning different manicure shapes is crucial to creating the most appealing nails possible. No matter your aesthetic – whether classic or edgy – there will be an appropriate nail shape out there to match.

Round and oval nail shapes are generally flattering, as they elongate fingers to appear slimmer. But for something a bit bolder, try opting for stiletto or coffin nail shapes.


Oval nails offer a classic yet sophisticated style that complements most fashion styles and suits all types of hands. Their simple shape is easy to keep looking their best with routine filing and upkeep. Furthermore, oval nails make an ideal base for nail art creation between manicure appointments.

Round nails feature soft, rounded edges that can add length to short fingers or wide nail beds by making fingertips appear longer and thinner. In addition, they’re more durable than other shapes and require less maintenance for shorter natural nails.

Square or rectangular nails feature flat tips with sharper angles than traditional round or oval nail shapes, adding sophistication to your look. While these nails are most frequently seen on women with longer nails, shorter nails may still wear them successfully; just be wary when filing too aggressively as overexertion could result in chipping. For an alternative option that combines benefits of both square and oval styles consider going for square-oval (squoval) styles that give you the best of both.


A square manicure shape is ideal for those seeking a clean and polished look. Featuring straight sides with a flat, squared-off tip, this nail style makes an impressionful statement when painted in vibrant or eye-catching hues. Additionally, this shape breaks less frequently than others so that strong and long-lasting nails are achieved.

Though having just one nail shape may seem restricting, there are plenty of choices out there that will suit both your hands and style. According to Fleury Rose, finding one that complements both natural cuticle shape and nail length can give an overall balanced, sturdy appearance. She suggests matching up cuticles with nail shape for optimal results.

Round and oval nails are timeless classics that suit most hand shapes. But for something different, consider opting for ballerina or ballet slipper shapes that add elegance and femininity – narrow with tapering tips to a round peak, these nails make fingers appear thinner while lengthening fingers at the same time. To create this look you will require long nails which should then be strengthened using products such as Good Housekeeping Beauty Award winner Isdin SI-Nails Nail Strengthener in order to stay strong and healthy!


Coffin (ballerina or flat ballet nail) manicures gained widespread attention when Rihanna and Kim Kardashian famously donned them, becoming one of the hottest manicure trends ever. Boasting a tight C-curve with an unrounded free edge, these nails make a statement. Popular among anyone seeking to stand out, but long nails are essential if coffin nails are to function effectively; otherwise acrylics might add strength for fuller manicures.

Your look can be as basic or extravagant as you wish, from nail art and geometric patterns, to zodiac sign designs that tell a tale, you have endless options when it comes to how you wear your nails. Nail art can add flair to a simple manicure; geometric designs work particularly well. Use your nails as an opportunity to tell stories such as telling us the year of your birth or even using zodiac symbols for added meaning!

To keep your nails strong and healthy, it’s essential to regularly groom them, particularly using a nail buffer to smooth rough edges on your nails. Furthermore, maintaining an ideal length and using cuticle oil to keep cuticle soft will extend their longevity; lastly don’t forget wearing gloves while doing any chores around the house like washing dishes or cleaning to protect your nails from potential damage!

Types of Manicure Shapes, Montreal Manicure
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