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Types of Manicure Treatment

Types of Manicure Treatment, Montreal Manicure

Types of Manicure Treatment, Montreal Manicure

Manicures have quickly become an indispensable beauty accessory. Not only do they keep hands looking young and showcase the latest nail design trends without making an irreversible commitment, but the variety of manicures on offer makes the task of choosing one more daunting than expected.

This type of manicure involves applying a base coat, two to three layers of color and top coat that are all cured under UV or LED lights for optimal results. It’s gentle on nails and easy to take off at home with acetone.

Basic/Standard Manicure

An essential manicure includes cuticle soak, nail shaping, filing and buffing as well as hand massage and the application of polish. In some instances, an acetone-free polish removal service may also be included at the end.

If you don’t want to break the bank with manicures, this treatment option could be perfect. It’s quick and straightforward compared to others and also less harsh on your nails compared to them.

If you love the look of painted nails but are hesitant to commit to acrylics, a dip powder manicure might be just what’s needed. Instead of traditional liquid colors being painted directly onto nails after application of sealants, this method uses pigmented powder that your nails are then dipped into. As its results last longer and chip less frequently than traditional polish, dip powder manicures could be right up your alley!

Acrylic Manicure

If you’ve seen those super strong, beautifully sculpted nails on Instagram or in fashion magazines, chances are they’re acrylics. Created from a mixture of powder and liquid monomer that’s applied directly onto nails before shaping into dough-like form with heat tools, acrylics are a staple at most nail salons. Morgan Dixon from Lab & Lounge’s multi-concept beauty salon in New Orleans advises: “Acrylics are great for changing nail shape or length; also an excellent option if additional durability is desired.”

An acrylic manicure begins by prepping and buffing natural nails before nail glue is used to adhere plastic extensions onto each fingertip using nail glue, lengthening their length by several millimeters. After curing, nails are finished off with nail polish or any art you choose and set aside to air dry for several days or weeks before being set aside to air dry further. It is important that acrylics are regularly filled in order to avoid them appearing brittle or lifting, which could cause permanent damage to underlying natural nails.

Sculpted Manicure

Sculpted nails are acrylic-based but offer the flexibility of customizing nail shapes based on personal preferences (according to Byrdie). A base is applied like with regular gel manicures before the nails are sculpted over top of it.

Nail forms come in all sorts of shapes and styles, so you have your pick from classy coffin nails, stiletto’s or beautiful ballerina nails – whatever takes your fancy! Thanks to being sculpted they also appear very natural while length can also be customized per Byrdie.

Before applying an acrylic tip, nails must first be etched and filed using a 180-grit file, to help protect their natural nails from being damaged by acrylic tips. This also serves to minimize any potential complication.

Your technician will then apply a coat of sealant to protect the manicure, once this has cured you’ll be ready to wear them! Your manicure should last two or three weeks before becoming dull – during which time a nail file can help keep the surface free from dirt or debris buildup.

Hot Stone Manicure

Hot stone pedicures combine the traditional pedicure with heated basalt stones for an enhanced massage therapy session, creating a truly pampering experience for hands and feet. By relieving muscle tension through this therapy, this therapy soothes tension-filled bodies as well as helping the entire body relax.

Before the hot stone portion begins, standard pedicure procedures of soaking feet, removing old nail polish and trimming nails must first be completed. After which, using warm stones as massage therapy tools to give a deep and relaxing foot and leg massage with aromatherapy oils for additional relaxation; finally completing it all off with regular nail polish or buffing of shined nails to complete this service.

Take your manicure and pedicure services to the next level with this highly informative 43-minute training film, complete with close-up video footage and expert narration. Now available for streaming or download through ULVSINI, this course makes learning the art of hot stone manicures and pedicures simple for anyone!

Types of Manicure Treatment, Montreal Manicure
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