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Types of Manicures

Types of Manicures, Montreal Manicure

Types of Manicures, Montreal Manicure

No matter if it’s just a simple manicure or something more elaborate like nail art, your nails deserve to be taken care of and can benefit from being groomed properly. However, with so many types of manicures to choose from it may be difficult deciding the ideal treatment plan for yourself.

Dip powder manicures provide durability, vibrant colors, and an enjoyable experience without fumes or UV curing lights that could irritate or cause skin problems – plus they’re less damaging than acrylics!


Gel polishes can be applied just like regular nail polish, then cured under UV or LED light for three to four weeks until hardening occurs. A manicure using gel can last as long as six weeks!

An alternative to regular manicures, dip manicures involve prepping your nails as usual (old polish is removed, cuticles pushed back and any oils on your nail plate removed for optimal adhesion), before being submerged in powder while an application of bond is painted onto each nail plate and repeated three times for optimal adhesion. Finally, your manicure is completed by adding a top coat.

Powders differ significantly from gel in that they require longer to soak off, often exposing natural nails to harsh chemicals like acetone. Furthermore, salon sanitary protocols vary significantly; in worst-case scenarios a nail technician could use an open dipping pot that contains bacteria; that is why selecting a reliable salon is so vitally important.


There is an assortment of manicure options to consider when it comes to manicures ranging from basic designs to elaborate sets, each requiring its own specific application and upkeep regimen.

Traditional acrylic manicures involve nail technicians using liquid monomer and powder polymer solutions to sculpt nails before covering them in color of choice with an opaque top coat sealant and finishing it off with another top coat for protection.

Toluene, a hazardous component found in acrylic nail glue, has been linked to respiratory illnesses, skin irritations, and headaches. Dip manicures offer an effective alternative by employing safer liquid polymers like EMA (ethyl methacrylate).

Both gel and dip nail manicures typically last two to three weeks before needing to be reapplied, for maximum durability it’s recommended that you visit a nail salon every two to three weeks in order to reapply them and ensure the healthiest nails possible. Make sure during each appointment to push back cuticles and clip hangnails prior to beginning application by your nail technician.


Shellac manicures are long-wearing, cute and easy to remove – ideal for people with thin natural nails as they provide firmer looks than gel manicures. However, Shellac does require UV lamps for drying time, which can damage hands if done incorrectly; you can protect your hands by applying cuticle oil before visiting a salon and always consulting an experienced nail technician when getting this treatment.

Shellac is a unique combination of gel and nail polish that’s used to paint nails. It dries quickly under UV lighting and lasts significantly longer than regular nail polish, without chipping. Shellac offers an alternative to acrylics without harming natural nails; additionally, its softer consistency allows it to soak off more quickly with acetone – lessening chances for errors while shortening time-consuming removal processes. Plus it comes in numerous designs and colors like glitters, glow in the dark thermal chrome etc!

Regular Nail Polish

If you don’t want to spend the money on UV light-cured manicures, regular nail polish may be your better bet. Unfortunately, it tends to chip more frequently, meaning you will likely have to reapply every week or so.

Pros of this manicure include being odor-free and less chemical intensive than traditional manicures; lasting approximately one week while being more affordable! Plus it makes great value gifts!

Manicurists provide nail care that includes the removal of old polish, pushing back cuticles and cleaning natural nails before applying a clear base coat to help the nail color adhere. Once this step has been completed, each finger is then dipped into pigmented powder corresponding to your desired nail shade; this may be repeated three times before being finished off with a top coat application for extra shine and protection.

Types of Manicures, Montreal Manicure
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