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Types of Manicures and Pedicures

Types of Manicures and Pedicures, Montreal Manicure

Types of Manicures and Pedicures, Montreal Manicure

There is a wide variety of manicure and pedicure services, making choosing the appropriate one essential.

An effortless manicure involves filing and shaping of nails, cleaning of cuticles and painting them in any color of your choosing, followed by hand massage.

Spa manicures offer similar services as regular manicures but with added features like paraffin waxing or hot oil massage.

Basic Manicure

Basic manicures provide healthy and beautiful nails. A manicurist will shape, buff and trim cuticles before applying a clear strengthener and base coat, after which a pigmented powder will be dipped into after a clear sealant has been applied – similar to gel manicures but typically more durable and lasting longer.

This manicure includes a relaxing hand massage and regular polish, but can also include nail art such as reverse French manicure. Polygel polish can be used to create various looks; when applied by a nail professional correctly it won’t damage natural nails – any potential harm comes only from improper removal (soaking your nails in acetone is the recommended way).

Spa Manicure

Spa manicures differ significantly from their basic nail salon counterparts in that they tend to take place in more tranquil environments with softer lighting, soothing music and less busy atmospheres. Furthermore, spa manicures usually include additional treatments than standard manicures like hand massages with fragrant lotion or paraffin wax treatments for additional pampering benefits.

No matter which spa you visit, they may utilize different products and techniques, making research before visiting important. Some services offered at spas include facials or hot stone massages while it is advised to get both manicure and pedicure simultaneously as this will provide more soothing relief to both hands and feet.

French Manicure

French nails are an iconic manicure style featuring clear or nude toned nail polish with a signature white stripe at the tips of each fingernail. This look can be achieved on natural or artificial nails and suits all ages and demographics.

Although its name refers to France, the actual practice was pioneered by an American nail technician named Jeff Pink and popularized during the late 1970s in America.

Add an elegant and timeless look with modern flair by customizing the French Manicure by using a stripe dip effect in various colors of your choosing for an exquisite French Manicure. This look is cute, feminine, and fun and pairs well with large earrings or pearl hair clips for an attractive ensemble.

American Manicure

This simpler and less formal variation of the French manicure has quickly become a go-to look for many celebrities. “It’s subtle yet polished; your nails-but-better,” according to Lisa Kon, whose clients include Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner. Furthermore, “it works for any occasion from casual to dressy.”

Add an American manicure a twist by painting the tips with bold hues or adding rhinestones, both of which work well for shorter or longer nails, Remark explains. Just be sure that any colors used blend naturally into the base coat.

Doing it yourself: Start off by applying a clear base coat, followed by light pink or nude shades and finishing them off with soft white polish on the tips. Feel free to experiment with pastel nail shades for an adorable and feminine touch!

Gel Manicure

Many nail fans prefer gel manicures as they typically last longer and don’t chip as easily compared to regular polish. However, it is important to remember that UV rays used to cure gel polish could potentially cause irreparable harm to both nails and skin.

Dr. Michelle Henry notes that signs of nail polish-related damage include discoloration of nails or separation from their bed. To reduce risk from gel manicures-related damages, applying cuticle oil or serum such as Mazz Hanna’s Nail Rescue Serum between polishes is advised.

Avoid picking at your nails when the color begins to lift–this can harbor bacteria which could lead to fungus. If you enjoy getting gel manicures, limit their usage to special events only and wear SPF protection or gloves while outside.

Types of Manicures and Pedicures, Montreal Manicure
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