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Types of Manicures For Natural Nails

Types of Manicures For Natural Nails, Montreal Manicure

Types of Manicures For Natural Nails, Montreal Manicure

Your nails reveal so much about who you are, so they should always reflect that in their appearance. From trying the latest nail trends to simply keeping your hands polished, there are endless choices when it comes to polishing up your hands.

From basic lacquer manicures to hard gel ones, we consulted salon owners, nail technicians and beauty writers with experience across a range of leading styles – giving us an overview of your options.

Basic Manicure

Basic manicures are fast, straightforward and straightforward to maintain. A nail technician polishes both traditional and gel nail polish to beautify your hands and nails for this type of service.

At this service, a nail tech will hydrate your nails using lotion or warm water soak, shape your nails into desired shapes, trim cuticles and apply base coat, top coat and polish as required. They may also massage your hands prior to applying nail conditioner at the conclusion of this treatment session.

The dipped powder manicure is an alternative to traditional acrylic nails; rather than applying clear liquid, your nail technician applies pigmented powder directly onto your nails before dipping them in colored liquid to seal it in place – unlike gel manicures which must be cured under a heat lamp for color to stay put.

Gel Manicure

Gel manicures have become increasingly popular treatments to create stunning nails that last longer than regular polish, yet some believe the UV-curing lamps used during treatment may lead to premature aging and increase one’s risk of skin cancer.

Experts agree that this form of manicure is safe for natural nails as long as it’s applied and removed properly. They advise using cuticle oil and hand cream between appointments to keep nails hydrated, in addition to adhering to a nail care routine which includes applying base coat and topcoat.

Your choices for obtaining a gel manicure include visiting a salon or purchasing a DIY kit to perform it at home. While visiting a salon offers professional service, doing it yourself has more costs involved due to initial application and subsequent reapplication every few weeks.

Acrylic Manicure

Acrylic nails are composed of liquid monomer and powder polymer that is applied directly onto nails. While acrylics tend to be stronger and more durable than gel nails, improper application could leave them rigid or even brittle and inflexible.

To apply acrylics, a nail technician trims and files the natural nails in order to prepare them for artificial nail application. A thin coating of the acrylic mixture is then encapsulated on each fingernail and shaped according to desired shapes and lengths.

Maintaining acrylic nails requires regular fill-in appointments every two to three weeks in order to preserve their appearance and avoid lifting. Just as with manicures, proper removal requires using cotton balls soaked with acetone. Limiting their usage to special events may help protect natural nail health while at the same time lessening wear-and-tear effects on natural nails.

SNS Manicure

SNS (System Nail Structure) nails offer an appealing alternative to acrylic and gel enhancements. Nails are shaped and prepped before applying a bonding liquid layer; then one nail at a time is dipped into its desired colour powder until strength and appearance meet your preferences; finally an activator brush is used and they’re sealed off with topcoat for finishing touches.

Contrary to popular belief, SNS nails aren’t bad for your natural nails as the powdered color contains essential nutrients that benefit the nail bed. Plus, SNS doesn’t need harsh UV light curing either so you have plenty of colorful options with which you can choose and alternate tones as desired – plus these manicure types tend to last longer!

Dip Powder Manicure

Raise your hand if you love treating your nails as mini works of art or canvases for color, yet lack the time or funds for regular nail care appointments. There’s now an innovative new trend available with longer-lasting options without UV light damage: dip powder nail treatments!

Dip powder nails resemble those seen with acrylic nails, but do not require base coat or UV light drying time. Instead, nails are prepped using bonder before coating with colored nail powder for better adhesion – and also contributes to healthier nails overall. With proper execution and maintenance, this type of manicure can last up to one month before it needs another fill.

Types of Manicures For Natural Nails, Montreal Manicure
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