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Types Of Manicures Which Is Better For My Nails?

Basic manicure services focus on nail trimming, shaping, filing and buffing to manage cuticle health and apply nail polish.

This manicure is ideal for those seeking a natural yet stylish look that fits with every outfit, as well as being budget-friendly and quick to complete.

Your nail technician will begin by melting paraffin wax and massaging your hands while it cools, then your fingertips will be dipped in it and lifted back out again.

Basic Manicure

No matter if it’s just for a quick polish change or prepping for a special event, the basic manicure is an ideal way to keep your nails in top condition. This procedure includes applying a base coat, two colors coats, and then sealing everything off with UV light cured topcoat.

Regular manicures can help your nails remain clean, groomed and healthy. Plus, they remove dead skin cells from the top layer of the nail bed to improve both tone and texture.

Manicures are a wonderful way to treat yourself and boost your mood. Not only are manicures relaxing experiences, some even include hand massages designed to increase circulation in the hands and fingers and help relieve numbness or coldness; additionally they will make your hands appear more beautiful and polished!

Paraffin Manicure

A paraffin manicure is a spa service that uses hot wax to moisturize skin. Once heated, a technician applies one hand at a time or both hands in wax – sealing in moisture while relieving hangnails and cuticles of any discomfort caused by dehydration.

Once the wax has set, a nail technician removes it before providing a standard manicure (cleaning, shaping, buffing nails before polish). She may also add base coat and top coat of color.

This manicure gives your nails the appearance of natural nails while adding bolder color. The polish lasts up to two weeks and can easily be removed at home using regular nail polish remover. Unfortunately, however, improper application or preparation of the nail plate could result in damage that makes peeling more likely than with other types.

Gel Manicure

Gel nails offer the added advantage of remaining chip-free for weeks compared to regular polish, and also allow you to experiment with fun nail color and design trends without making long-term commitments like nail art or acrylics.

On average, during a basic gel manicure your nail artist will clean and prep your nails before applying and curing the polish. She will then apply a top coat to lock in its color. Often isopropyl alcohol will be used during this step to remove oils from your nails.

Structured gel is an enhancer that adds strength, support and length to natural nails. To use it properly, Ami Streets of London-based session manicurist Ami Streets advises applying it over a base coat and then curing under either an LED or UV lamp before curing with either light therapy.

This product’s built-in primer dehydrates nails to prepare them for an application of base coat, which is then cured. After curing has occurred, colored structured gel is applied on top of cured nail and styled according to Streets; when finished off it creates an “extremely long-wearing and super durable look.” For optimal health during a gel manicure take frequent breaks since repetitive exposure to chemicals and bright light may weaken nails over time.

Acrylic Manicure

As their name implies, acrylic nails are a type of fake nail used to add extra strength and length to natural nails. Acryilcs are highly durable, known for being strong yet flexible enough to be shaped, filed and formed into various looks by skilled nail technicians for maximum effect.

Acrylic nails also last longer than conventional nail polish and gel, making them an excellent way to switch up looks often. Unfortunately, just like shellac and gel, however, acrylics may also damage natural nails if removed improperly.

Acrylic nails may get a bad rap, but they are no worse for your nails than any other artificial nail product according to Morgan Dixon, manicurist and founder of Lab & Lounge. Morgan recommends maintaining healthy cuticles through regular oiling and care in order to promote natural nail growth and visit only trusted nail salons that use sterile tools.

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