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Types of Manicures With Tips

Types of Manicures With Tips, Montreal Manicure

Types of Manicures With Tips, Montreal Manicure

An appropriate manicure can reveal much about you. From subtlety to drama, choosing a style depends on your daily life and nail goals.

A basic manicure involves shaping, filing, buffing, cuticle treatment and hand massage followed by polish application. You may choose one shade across all five nails or add something different on just your ring finger.

Basic Manicure

When most people think of manicures, their first thought may be of simple polish applied with a brush to your nails and finished off with top coat. While these types of manicures tend to be cheaper than longer-lasting applications like gel nails or acrylic extensions, they can still be tough on natural nails if not performed properly.

Basic polish manicure services typically include hand soak, filing and shaping, cuticle care and nail varnish painting. It is designed for those with naturally strong short or moderate length nails who wish to add new colors regularly.

Considered the lovechild of acrylics and gel nails, hybrid manicures offer the best of both worlds: strength of soft gel manicures combined with flexibility of acrylic nails when applied by trained technicians, yet can be sculpted into any shape from square to coffin style nails.

French Tip Manicure

The classic French manicure remains timeless in most settings and can be customized by adding various splashes of color for an updated and fun twist. Ideal for all nail shapes and lengths, but particularly stunning on longer nails capable of accommodating tip art designs.

Neon shades add an eye-catching pop of color and vibrancy to a French manicure, providing a striking focal point on its tips. Choose one or mix and match various neon hues for an interesting and eye-catching effect.

If you want something a bit more elegant, opt for V-shaped tips instead of straight lines – they create an elongated and more feminine appearance on long nails, such as coffin shapes.

Soft Gel Manicure

If you’ve been perusing Instagram or TikTok, chances are you have encountered someone sporting a soft gel manicure (or seen them for yourself!). Similar to polish, but more durable and lasting at least a month without chips!

Gel nail polish differs from its traditional counterpart in that it must be exposed to UV light in order to set. Furthermore, gel does not contain acrylic monomer which causes damage to natural nails when applying traditional nail polishes.

Nail technicians usually utilize soft gel overlays that can be removed with 100% pure acetone, before buffing and cuticle treatment followed by applying gel base coat and color gel in layers; clients can select up to three color layers; appointments typically last 40-60 minutes for full set services.

Hard Gel Manicure

Hard gel, similar to regular nail polish, can be molded and sculpted to artificially lengthen natural nails or used for more intricate nail art designs.

Gel nail polish differs from regular polish in that it must be cured under UV light before it can dry air-dried on your nails, helping prolong its longevity and avoid smudges or chipping.

Wear sunscreen while getting a gel manicure to protect yourself from UV rays which may accelerate skin aging and help your natural nails grow strong and healthy. Just ensure to have the professional remove your manicure instead of picking at them; picking can cause breaks, so always soak off with acetone when needed to ensure protection of the nail bed from damage.

Gel Extensions

Though acrylic extensions can be effective, many nail artists and manicurists prefer gel nails over them for various reasons. Acrylic can be harsher on natural nail plates and create toxic fumes which could potentially be unhealthy,” according to freelance nail artist Trenna Seney.

Gel extensions use an upgraded form (think press-on nails) and hard gel to lengthen natural nails, then can be customized with colors or nail art just like regular gel polish.

When it’s time to remove extensions, they are soaked in acetone just like regular gel manicures. Nail techs may also drill off extensions if necessary – though professional advice should always be sought prior to undertaking this service.

Types of Manicures With Tips, Montreal Manicure
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