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Types of Manicures You Can Get

Types of Manicures You Can Get, Montreal Manicure

Types of Manicures You Can Get, Montreal Manicure

Once upon a time, getting a manicure meant slathering on basic polish – now, however, your options are virtually limitless!

An annual manicure is both cost-effective and beneficial to overall health. A nail technician will trim, buff and shape your nails while cleansing cuticles and giving a light hand massage – offering complete peace of mind at an economical cost.

Gel polish

Gel polish manicures offer long-term nail color that won’t chip or peel away with normal wear and tear, made up of nitrocellulose and dyes and dried using either UV or LED lights. However, it should be noted that improper removal could damage nails; in addition, solvents could take some time to evaporate out from beneath it all.

Gel polish contains nitrocellulose, which requires that nail plates be buffed prior to curing with either UV or LED lamps. Once applied, this manicure lasts up to three weeks before it must be removed with acetone. Ideal for those seeking high-shine finishes on natural or artificial nails alike and giving strength support during application; natural nails become less likely to breakage due to this treatment.

Regular manicure

This classic salon service is considered one of the easiest ways to apply and remove manicures, while being more gentle on nails than other options.

This manicure style employs a thick clay-like gel that’s applied directly onto each nail by the manicurist. After they finish shaping your nails, a top coat is added to protect it from chipping. This treatment can last for up to seven days and does not require soaking beforehand.

This manicure includes a hand massage to promote healthy circulation. Good blood flow is vital to maintaining soft and supple skin while reducing dryness, improving fine line appearance, and even helping improve fine lines. Cuticles will also be trimmed back to prevent infection while sealing them properly – an integral component for overall nail health.


Acrylic extensions are one of the more renowned manicure styles, made using liquid monomer and powder polymer with lengthening nail tips. Unfortunately, this hard protective layer may damage natural nails if not applied or removed correctly.

At your next salon visit, ensure they use ethyl methacrylate (EMA). Both Kandalec and Minerva agree this product is less damaging to nails than products containing methyl methacrylate (MMA).

When getting acrylics, use cuticle oil regularly and avoid using your nails as tools; visit your salon every two to three weeks for infill appointments to prevent lifting or becoming brittle. Apply a thin coat of clear polish overtop to protect and extend its longevity.

Dip powder nails

Dip powder nails use a liquid monomer and powder polymer combination to shape and sculpt nails, with typically two to three weeks’ worth of wear-time before needing removal. However, incorrect application and removal could damage natural nails significantly.

Select the perfect type of manicure to fit your lifestyle and preferences. For instance, if you frequently work with your hands or garden, selecting one with durable finishes could protect against damage or breakage of nails.

Keep in mind that nail polish and basic acrylic manicure cost roughly the same; any differences are due to additional extensions and nail art. Finally, take into consideration your desired duration of service and budget when making a decision – although sometimes getting exactly what you want may not always be possible, these tips will help you find what suits your needs best!

Types of Manicures You Can Get, Montreal Manicure
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