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What is a Gel Or Shellac Manicure?

What is a Gel Or Shellac Manicure?, Montreal Manicure

Shellac manicures are long-wearing and beautiful, while providing essential protection for brittle nails. As long as applied and removed properly by an experienced nail technician, the treatment should cause no lasting harm to nails.

Lippmann suggests that an esthetician should roughen, dehydrate and cleanse nails with alcohol before applying the Shellac base coat. After that she will apply two layers of gel polish with topcoat as final touches.

It is a long-lasting polish

Shellac nail polish uses a hybrid formula that combines regular nail polish with gel for a lasting, shiny and chip-free manicure that lasts up to 14 days when exposed to UV lighting. Removal with acetone is effortless – perfect for anyone wanting an effortless long-term manicure that still looks natural!

The process for an express manicure is similar to any regular manicure; the esthetician will rough up your nails, apply a base coat, two layers of polish color and top coat before curing each coat under UV light for between thirty seconds and one minute before moving on.

Global Fashion’s Cuticle Oil can help keep your nails healthy between treatments. Shellac manicures require less acetone removal, extending its longevity over gel manicures. Also, gloves should always be worn when performing household tasks to protect your manicure from dust and debris build-up.

It is easy to remove

Shellac nails offer many advantages, with long-wearing protection for natural nails that helps them remain strong and chip-free for days after application. Also, this type of manicure uses an LED light which cures polish instantly compared to traditional gel or regular nail polish options; there’s less drying time with Shellac polish than with traditional gel or regular options.

Shellac manicures differ from many other forms in that they don’t involve filing down your nails prior to applying polish; this process can cause damage and weakening, while being easy for home removal.

Begin by pouring a small amount of acetone into a shallow dish and adding enough water to cover your fingers and toenails. Next, soak a cotton ball in remover and place it on each nail; wrap in foil for 10 minutes while you wait. At the end of this time period, remove cotton balls and foil while gently pushing away remaining polish with a manicure stick.

It is easy to apply

Shellac nails can be applied easily at home if your nails are healthy; unlike acrylics, they don’t require filing and are less drying. If your nails are brittle or damaged however, it would be more cost effective and time efficient to visit a salon for shellac manicure. To prevent further damage to natural nails use cuticle oil two times daily as well as hand moisturizer to avoid unnecessary damage to natural nail.

Picking at your shellac polish may lead to nail damage, allowing water to seep into the nail bed, harbor bacteria, and potentially lead to fungus growth. If picking at your nails becomes tempting, consider using cuticle oil or hand moisturizer as an aid to soften them before picking again. Additionally, it’s a good idea to get a manicure regularly for best results.

It is affordable

Shellac manicures are an ideal choice for those seeking long-lasting and shiny nail color. To apply a gel manicure requires three steps – base coat, two color coats, and topcoat application under UV or LED lights before being set with an acetone solution for removal at 14+ days later.

Shellac manicures are an innovative hybrid between gel and traditional nail polish, developed and patented by Creative Nail Design (CND). CND uses an LED lamp to cure the formula for longer wear time than regular polish, while its smooth finish beats standard gel alternatives.

However, it is essential not to pick at your nails as this can damage cuticles and nails as well as harbour bacteria which leads to fungus growth. A professional nail technician will take the time and care required to apply and remove polish correctly and efficiently.

What is a Gel Or Shellac Manicure?, Montreal Manicure
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