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What is a Gel Or Shellac Manicure?

What is a Gel Or Shellac Manicure?, Montreal Manicure

When booking a manicure, it is essential to select the appropriate polish type based on your nails and lifestyle needs. What exactly is a gel or Shellac manicure?

Continue reading to gain an in-depth knowledge of Shellac nail styles, along with expert tips for making them last longer. Soon you will become an accomplished Shellac pro!

How It’s Done

Shellac manicures involve having your nails buff and cleaned by an esthetician before receiving a base coat, two colors coats and topcoat applied by a nail technician who cures each layer using either UV or LED lights for quick yet long-term results.

Since shellac is a hybrid between gel and regular polish (invented and patented by CND), it offers some advantages of both, including no dry time, long wear time, shine and color options that complement one another. Unfortunately, though, its durability doesn’t compare to pure gel or dip powder and it may chip easily.

As with any nail treatment, it’s vital to have your nails professionally removed rather than trying to do it yourself at home. Doing this could potentially damage natural nails and lead to infections; in order to avoid this hassle make sure you purchase high quality remover such as CND Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover before following your technician’s instructions for professional removal.

The Benefits

Gel or Shellac manicures last much longer than traditional nail polish and provide additional advantages over traditional manicures, including strengthening weak or brittle nails and protecting them from further damage. Furthermore, their unique formulation resists color distortion and fade so you’ll still enjoy vivid nails until it’s time to visit a salon again.

CND, the brand that makes Shellac polish, reports that their manicures are safe and non-damaging if properly applied and removed. However, picking at or peeling off Shellac manicures incorrectly can damage natural nails over time and potentially even result in permanent weakening.

For an effortless removal process, it’s best to avoid nail polish removers containing acetone. Instead, use hand creams containing hyaluronic acid such as Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hand Gel Cream ($8.79 at CVS), during the day and an oil such as Essie Apricot Nail & Cuticle Conditioning Care Oil ($11.99 from Ulta), during the evening hours.

The Downsides

Shellac nails may have some drawbacks, but are worth investing in for shiny, chip-free manicures that last 14 days or longer. One potential risk associated with Shellac polishes is damage to natural nails; this issue can be avoided by properly removing it with an acetone-based remover.

CND states, “Shellac gel will not harm your nails when applied and removed properly, such as not filing before or during application, and using acetone to soak the nails prior to removal.”

Avoid picking at or peeling away your manicure as this can strip away thin layers of keratin from the nail bed, leading to their demise and health concerns. Instead, hydrating them regularly with an oil such as Jojoba or Vitamin E to promote strong and healthy nails.

Removing It

Shellac is an innovative hybrid nail polish that looks similar to regular polish and dries quickly like gel. Because it contains regular nail polish, however, its less likely to chip than gel.

CND Shellac nails take far less time to remove than Gel manicures due to tiny tunnels within the polish that easily absorb acetone for removal. This allows Acetone to quickly dissolve its polish layer.

Cuticle oil can help your nails from becoming overly brittle during removal by applying it after using acetone to take down Shellac nails. Cuticle oil can be purchased at most beauty stores or soaked into cotton balls with nail-polish remover that contains over 60% acetone; wrap these around each of your fingers, and leave for 15 minutes; your nails and cuticles will appreciate this extra moisture source!

What is a Gel Or Shellac Manicure?, Montreal Manicure
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