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What Is A Paraffin Manicure?

What Is A Paraffin Manicure?, Montreal Manicure

What Is A Paraffin Manicure?, Montreal Manicure

A paraffin manicure involves submerging your hands in liquid wax derived from petroleum that may also contain essential oils, before having it painted onto your skin by an experienced nail technician using brushes.

Nail salons and spas typically provide this treatment as an add-on to a standard manicure service, particularly during winter when dry, brittle nails become commonplace. It has become especially popular due to its convenience.

It’s a luxurious treatment

Paraffin manicures are an increasingly popular beauty treatment that moisturize and soften the skin on your hands, as well as providing relief from joint-related conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. Offering both relaxing and therapeutic experiences, paraffin manicures can be done in both home settings as well as nail salons.

Paraffin manicures involve immersing client hands into warm paraffin wax in a special basin heated to 110 degrees Fahrenheit before wrapping their hands with it and leaving to soak for approximately 15 minutes.

The penetrating heat of the paraffin bath opens pores and increases circulation, leaving your skin silky-smooth. It may even help heal hangnails or cuticles. After draining the wax off your nails and hands are treated to a standard manicure consisting of shaping, buffing, cleaning and applying polish – make sure not to wiggling your fingers as this could break through its protective layer!

It’s safe

Paraffin wax is made from crude oil that has been refined until only straight chain hydrocarbons remain, making it as safe for beauty applications as any other beauty product and even used in medical treatments for burn patients.

Nail techs have long touted this treatment’s capabilities for softening even stubborn dry skin on hands and feet, providing essential hydration in winter months or anytime hands or cuticles feel extra parched. It makes an ideal treat!

At this treatment, nails are first exfoliated before being immersed in warm paraffin. A plastic glove or sandwich bag covers each hand while fingers are wrapped with towels in order to prevent water from seeping onto treated areas. After 20 minutes have passed, the nail technician removes plastic and pours off any remaining liquid wax onto skin as moisturizer; some products even contain essential oil blends for added benefit.

It’s easy

Jin Soon Choi of Jin Soon Nail Studio states that paraffin manicures provide the most comprehensive hydrating and skin softening treatments available today. Prior to being covered in warm wax for 10 minutes, hands are exfoliated and moisturized using lotion; then immersed into warm wax bath that seals in moisture from exfoliation process before cooling, locking in its benefits for soft hands that feel rejuvenated and revitalized afterward.

Some salons also use paraffin wax mixed with oils for an even more luxurious treatment experience, then have their clients dip their hands into it – an extremely safe process provided technicians take all of the appropriate safety precautions.

Salon employees wear gloves when handling wax and clean the dipping basin between clients to protect themselves. In order to avoid burns on their fingers from overly-hot wax temperatures, thermometers are invaluable tools in monitoring its temperature.

It’s relaxing

A paraffin manicure can be both enjoyable and relaxing; as well as beneficial to the health of your skin. Moisturizing helps soothe hangnails and cuticles to make hands soft; improving blood circulation as well as relaxing muscles are additional added bonuses of this experience.

At a paraffin manicure, fingers and nails are submerged in a warm tub of liquid wax mixed with oil or essential oils for scenting purposes. The deep penetrating warmth of paraffin wax helps loosen tight skin and muscle tissue for increased flexibility and mobility, relieving stiffness from conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia.

Liquified wax can be applied in layers to both hands and feet using plastic gloves, then left to cool before it hardens and the technician removes it for a standard manicure including nail polishing and buffing.

What Is A Paraffin Manicure?, Montreal Manicure
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