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What Manicure Includes

What Manicure Includes, Montreal Manicure

A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for fingernails and hands that includes nail cleaning, shaping, hand massage and the application of nail polish.

Traditional lacquer manicures may be perfect for most, but nail salons now offer different kinds of manicures tailored specifically to each person’s nail goals. Learn about each manicure option available to you and which suits you best.


Acrylic nails are a popular choice among those seeking to add strength and length to their natural nails. Acrylics can be applied over either a tip (long piece of plastic glued directly onto your nail bed) or form (a small sticker placed under each fingertip that guides the acrylic putty).

Nail technicians use a whirring grit tool to rough up the surface of nails prior to applying acrylic, while they sanitize cuticles to prevent bacteria from invading and potentially leading to infections.

Jenn Bui–who has become well known on Instagram thanks to Cardi B’s closeness–argue that acrylic manicures are much healthier than gel ones when done correctly, since they do not involve mixing together ethyl methacrylates-based products, unlike gel. Hardening of gel occurs under UV light whereas acrylics harden naturally over time with heat and time.


Shellac nails are long-wearing and natural looking. Compared to gel nail polishes, shellac polish requires no harsh chemicals for removal and should only be worn occasionally to maintain healthy nails. But just like anything, shellac should only be worn occasionally to maintain healthy nacre.

Shellac is the brand name for Creative Nail Design (CND)’s in-salon gel nail polish that lasts two weeks without chipping or drying time – providing glossy results unlike regular paint or other forms of nail art. While the varnish may cause dry cuticles and weak or damaged nails to become discoloured or split; Shellac may become brittle when exposed to hot water or rough activities and should therefore only be applied by professionals.


Gel manicures offer long-term wearability and resist chips, yet aren’t without risks. Incorporating gel can hinder natural nails from exchanging oxygen with each other and lead to brittleness and fungal infection; furthermore, according to one 2018 study on nail polishes containing gel or other types of bacteria than natural nails.

Gibson Tuttle states that gel manicures are safe if applied and removed correctly, according to salon manicurists. When visiting a salon for your service, inquire with them regarding acetone-free removal as well as whether tin foil or cotton balls will be used to protect the cuticle area. Alternatively, try doing it yourself at home using acetone in a glass bowl with light grit nail file and even add cuticle oil for enhanced strength in nails and cuticles.

French Tip

French tip manicures have long been considered timeless classics, yet modern variations on color and nail art can give this timeless style an edge.

Use this opportunity to experiment with an eye-catching French manicure featuring black S-stripes and white circles representing the yin yang symbol or opt for bold pink nails to make an unforgettable statement!

For an eye-catching and feminine touch, try combining a French tip with red polish. Red is often associated with love and femininity – making this color an effective statement!

This look is perfect for long, coffin-shaped nails favored by celebrities and style icons alike due to their feminine appearance and lengthening effects.

Spa Manicure

Spa manicures offer more luxurious nail salon experiences, often including additional treatments such as hot oil hand massage and paraffin wax treatment which soften skin, promote circulation and add moisture.

Spa manicures can also help nail biters kick their habit. Our nail therapists specialize in working on nails of all lengths, and many spas will offer manicures if your nails have just begun growing out.

Some spas offer the added option of adding a pedicure to your manicure treatment, making for the ideal way to indulge yourself or someone special! Spa treatments of this nature may be added as part of a luxury spa day or break package.

What Manicure Includes, Montreal Manicure
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