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What Manicure is Best For Nails?

What Manicure is Best For Nails?, Montreal Manicure

What Manicure is Best For Nails?, Montreal Manicure

Basic nail polish manicure is one of the safest and simplest forms of nails treatments; plus it looks natural!

Gel manicures last much longer and are much more durable than regular polish, making removal by professionals the best way to keep nails healthy and strong.

Basic Manicure

When it comes to manicure options, there is an almost limitless range. Selecting an ideal style may prove tricky but consider your event and lifestyle when making this important decision.

An essential manicure consists of trimming, shaping and buffing of nails by an experienced nail technician followed by applying polish. In some salons it may also include cuticle push back and hand massage services as part of this package.

An ideal candidate for a basic polish manicure would be someone with naturally strong, moderately long nails who enjoys switching up their nail colors frequently. Unfortunately, this style won’t hold up well for those who engage in hard manual labor or lead an active lifestyle; additionally, polish manicures don’t last as long as other forms of manicuring; therefore if this option appeals to you be sure to schedule regular fill-in appointments to maintain it!

Gel Manicure

Gel manicures are an advanced version of regular polish manicures that use UV light to cure their nail polish. They typically last three times longer than their counterparts, making it the ideal solution for events or work commitments that require your hands to be on display.

Gel nail polishes provide the added bonus of helping prevent bacteria and germs from multiplying on nails, so those seeking gel manicures should take steps to maintain good nail hygiene by inquiring with their manicurist about whether their tools have been sanitized and disinfected after each client, as well as how often he or she trims cuticles.

An additional way to extend a gel manicure’s longevity is applying cuticle oil or nail lotion several times throughout the day, both cuticle oil and lotion will hydrate both nails and surrounding skin, helping reduce brittleness. Also avoid picking at peeling nail polish as this could weaken natural nails underneath it.

Acrylic Manicure

If you prefer long and thick nails, an acrylic manicure may be just what’s necessary. It’s a nail polish technique that adds length by either applying a plastic tip (a long piece of plastic that adheres directly onto your nail), or by placing an acrylic form under each natural nail to guide its hardening.

Both options are extremely durable and will usually last several weeks depending on how often they’re filled in, according to Smith. When they start lifting, however, that exposes your skin and nails to bacteria that could potentially lead to infections.

To avoid this risk, she recommends selecting only salons renowned for sanitary services when seeking out acrylic nails. Review reviews online and pay close attention to how clean their salon is as well as aesthetics and use of sanitized tools, according to reviews online. Doing this will protect you against possible bacteria-related infections while saving time by decreasing how often acetone soaks or e-filing will need to take place in future.

Structured Manicure

Structured manicures involve applying an extra-thick layer of structure gel, similar to what you would find in regular nail polish, to the nails in order to manipulate and shape them to their optimal shapes while strengthening natural nails against future damage.

Structure gel manicures are an excellent option for people who regularly work with tools or their hands. The protective properties of structure gel help shield natural nails against chipping or cracking from excessive pressure or moisture exposure, helping ensure you maintain beautiful nails!

This manicure lasts four to six weeks and is ideal for strengthening natural nails, taking between one and two hours to complete. After applying a base coat and builder gel (cured under UV light), color and nail art (if desired) may follow. After receiving any mani, be sure to hydrate both cuticles and hands to keep them looking their best!

What Manicure is Best For Nails?, Montreal Manicure
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