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What Manicure Should I Get?

What Manicure Should I Get?, Montreal Manicure

A manicure is both luxurious and beneficial to nail health; regular manicures can prevent breakages, swelling and discoloration of nails.

With so many manicure options on the menu, it can be difficult to select the appropriate type. We consulted salon owners, nail techs and experts who’ve tried each type of manicure in order to gain insight into its advantages and disadvantages.

Basic Manicure

A manicure is a beauty treatment that typically involves grooming the nails and hands. Experts suggest scheduling regular manicures to maintain healthy-looking nails, prevent calluses and hangnails and maintain overall good health in nails and hands.

This type of manicure begins by immersing the hands in warm water to soften cuticles and nails, followed by trimming to desired shape and length, cuticle pushing back gently, excess skin removal, as well as hand massage for improved blood circulation which strengthens nails stronger.

Polish is applied to nails in either clear or the color of choice, using various types of polish that include base coats to extend their lasting power and top coats to seal in color and keep nails looking glossy and fresh. A manicure should last two to three weeks when used sparingly and regularly moisturized.

French Manicure

A classic and elegant French manicure consists of natural-colored nails with white tips adorned with nail art designs.

An expertly executed French manicure takes skill, but its results always speak for themselves. Additionally, using a quality hand moisturizer regularly can prevent issues like brittleness, cuticle tear-backs and other conditions which could leave your nails looking grubby.

French manicures remain one of the most coveted manicure styles, and with good reason. A well-executed French manicure looks chic and is an ideal complement to any outfit, particularly one featuring a little black dress. Don’t forget perfume and an imperious expression when sporting this look!

Gel Manicure

Gel nail polish is an innovative technique applied to natural nails and cured using UV light to create long-term glossy shine that lasts weeks.

Gel manicures can be damaging if not performed properly, which is why a good manicurist must use soft gel and apply base coat before adding color and lengthening tips as needed. Finally, they use hard gel for added strength and shine to complete their manicures.

Some may be tempted to remove their gel polish prematurely, but doing so can cause irreparable damage to their nails! Doing this can result in brittleness and dryness which may need treating with hydrating products in between coats as well as protecting hands with sunscreen for maximum UV ray protection against premature aging and cancer risk.

Acrylic Manicure

There is an assortment of manicure styles that can give your nails an eye-catching finish, but how do you select the ideal style for yourself? Kayla Dixon and Hannah from Ten Over Ten suggest taking into consideration maintenance level requirements as well as style preferences when finding your ideal match.

Acrylic nails, composed of liquid polymer and powder nail polish applied over plastic tips to extend their length temporarily and harden them, are an effective solution to curb nail biting or disguise broken and damaged natural nails. While acrylic can help, chipping may occur and requires regular touch ups; so prior trial runs should be undertaken prior to making your decision.

Acrylic nails may get a bad rap, but according to Bui they may actually be healthier for natural nails than gel ones if seen by a licensed nail technician and followed the right care routine – such as using a cuticle pusher and moisturizing your hands and nails regularly – according to their proper use and balance by an experienced technician, as well as regular soaks in nail polish remover to prevent lifting of acrylics when they have grown out too far and regularly soaking your manicure in polish remover in order to maintain balance within its entirety and prevent lift.

What Manicure Should I Get?, Montreal Manicure
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