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What Nail Shape is Best For Aging Hands?

What Nail Shape is Best For Aging Hands?, Montreal Manicure

Nail shapes make an important statement about how your hands appear; some styles, such as pointed or stiletto nails, elongate and slim down finger tips while other may highlight age spots or wrinkles on your hands.

Oval nails create a timeless and feminine aesthetic that works on almost all hand sizes and shapes, as well as being low maintenance requiring no chipping over time.


Oval shapes are universally flattering as they follow the natural curve of cuticle ridges. This gives nails a perfectly symmetrical look while lengthening fingers; perfect for keeping hands looking younger! Additionally, their round edges help mask signs of age such as fine lines or veins on fingertips.

Oval nails are also great for women with shorter nails. Since their profile is less pronounced than round and almond shapes, oval nails work great for short to medium length nails that fit any hand size or nail bed width. But it should be filed carefully; too aggressive an approach could result in them becoming thin and weak; Amy Ling, founder of nontoxic nail company sundays advises filing them so as to run parallel to the white moon shape at the base (also known as the lunula) while keeping its tip slightly curved – says Amy Ling.

When in doubt about which nail shape to select, squoval style nails offer an easy solution – as the ideal combination of an oval and square shape. Flat at the top with gently curving sides makes this style easy to maintain, suitable for all lengths or widths of nails – says celebrity manicurist Gina Alcedo.

The squoval nail shape is ideal for women who like wearing bolder colors, as it helps cover any discolorations or imperfections on fingertips. When selecting colors for your nails, keep in mind that picking something to match both your skin tone and outfit will have an impactful impact. Warm hues such as red may instantly brighten them while cooler tones may provide more subtle yet sophisticated styles.

What Nail Shape is Best For Aging Hands?, Montreal Manicure
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