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What Type of Manicure Lasts the Longest?

What Type of Manicure Lasts the Longest?, Montreal Manicure

What Type of Manicure Lasts the Longest?, Montreal Manicure

Basic manicures are one of the safest approaches to nail care, employing standard nail polishes while limiting filing and excessive use of acetone.

If acrylic and gel nails had a baby, it would be the polygel manicure. This form can be sculpted to achieve the look desired before being cured under UV light for curing.

Basic Manicure

Basic manicures are one of the least-damaging manicures on the market; lasting about seven days before needing removal via acetone. One downside might be more frequent polish chipping if exposed to moisture.

Water can be one of the worst enemies to nails, softening them and leading to flaking and peeling. But that doesn’t mean extending its beauty with proper protection measures.

An essential factor for creating a long-lasting basic mani is using the appropriate nail polish. Choose one with built-in top coat to maintain shine and prevent chipping; additionally it helps to buff nails before applying, apply cuticle cream as necessary and moisturize with lotion after each application.

Gel Manicure

Gel manicures are known for lasting longer than traditional nail polish, yet can be challenging to master. A few key considerations when seeking long-lasting gel manicures on natural nails include clearing away all dust prior to application, using a gel base coat and regularly applying cuticle oil.

Cuticle oil can help combat the drying effects of gel polish on nails and cuticles, providing healthy, strong, hydrated nails to better hold onto its polish. This way, your gel polish won’t peel as easily.

Another key consideration when getting a gel manicure is not picking or peeling away at the polish, as this can cause the color to lift and can expose your natural nails to bacteria which could potentially lead to fungus or even thin out your natural ones. Instead, if any chips appear just use your nail or cuticle clipper and apply another similar shade until you can visit a salon again.

Acrylic Manicure

Acrylic nails, commonly applied as liquid or powder to natural nails, offer length and strength without adding thickness. Lasting two to three weeks before needing “fills,” wherein a nail technician buffs and paints on additional gel to extend your manicure, acrylics can last two to three weeks before needing further fills from their manufacturer (this process typically involves buffing away existing gel to give more space between fills).

Polygel provides another means of prolonging manicures by providing more flexibility than traditional acrylics, enabling it to conform more closely with nail shapes. Curing under UV light usually allows it to set quickly while still offering durability comparable to liquid and powder acrylics as well as gel polishes.

Polygel may be less damaging than acrylics but still requires professional removal at a nail salon, with an optional soak in acetone if you want it done right. But as with all nail treatments done properly and maintained regularly by trained experts, polygel should not harm your nails in any way.

Gel Extensions

Gel extensions allow a nail technician to create acrylic-like nails on top of your natural ones and seal each with a builder gel that looks similar to polish. With gel extensions, nail techs are able to shape these extensions into various shapes from square to coffin; creating more natural looks than traditional acrylics. They last up to two weeks without chipping; however, be careful how you use your hands as washing dishes, opening boxes and even taking long hot baths could damage them significantly.

Boyce describes this technique as being “growing in popularity.” Similar to acrylics in terms of use of polymers and monomers, this one allows nail technicians to create designs like French smile lines, Swarovski crystals, gradient blends that cannot be created on short or brittle natural nails without them cracking under pressure. Unfortunately it’s the most expensive manicure option; however it should last four weeks before needing refilling again.

What Type of Manicure Lasts the Longest?, Montreal Manicure
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